Cost-Effective Space Saving Ideas For Renters

Cost-Effective Space Saving Ideas For RentersIt’s not always the case, but when someone is looking to create more space in their home, moving is not an option. As reported in this recent article in the Telegraph, most Brits can’t afford to move onwards and upwards. In fact, spending big on space-saving ideas is generally not an option, because if you’re looking for space, chances are you can’t afford to do much about it.

But in this tech-savvy age of the Internet there are blogs and websites in abundance offering novel ways to get more space out of your place. When you own a home you can install shelves and wardrobes and all manor of clever ideas as explored in the design blog dedicated to saving space, Apartment Therapy. But for renters, it gets tricky finding solutions that you can take with you and won’t damage the property, in which case blogs like Her Campus can be helpful, as the advice is designed for students in dorms on limited budgets.

There are some innovative designs out there made exactly for space-saving purposes, but they can get very expensive. Its nice to dream about those sleek, curved lines and shiny surfaces, but for most of us, it’s hard enough to find enough money in your bank account to splash out on a second hand book shelf, let alone invest in a designer piece of furniture.

So where to go from here? It’s a tough economic climate out there and most of us are struggling to stay afloat, but there are some solutions for the financially and spatially challenged. It’s all about thinking outside the box, to fit the most you can into the box.

The spaces in between

Tenants can’t paint walls, add hooks, put up shelves or do any of those simple things that some home owners take for granted. It’s not as easy to find space saving advice for renters as it is for home owners who can add a shelf here and under-stair storage there and voila, all their problems are solved.

For renters it’s all about making use of the spaces you don’t even realise are there, like under the bed, wasted corners, and learning better cupboard organisation.

In the Bedroom

Flat, plastic boxes that will fit under the bed are ideal storage for renters. With the lid you’ll prevent dust and you can store things like bed linen, shoes, papers and documents, even things like clothes you’ve put away for the season. Keeping these everyday items out of site can open up the space simply by removing unwanted clutter.

For kids, a cabin bed that they can play under and even store things like books, clothes and toys is an excellent solution to a tiny bedroom. Brand new, these beds are very costly, but buying second hand on Gumtree or eBay can save you up to 80 per cent.

For those who can’t fit a closet, clothing racks are a great way to hang clothes and save space. The cheaper brands will buckle under the weight of even just a modest wardobe, so buy something sturdy. If you have the space, hang a canvas shoe rack and get those sneakers of the floor.

Kitchen and laundry

Kitchen cupboards and even benches can hold double the contents by simply buying a free standing shelf from any number of home and hardware stores. These storage solutions are usually very cost effective and allow you to store loads more into your cupboard whether it’s cans and jars or plates and cups.

Instead of clogging up small bedrooms with a clothes basket, buy a hanging cloth sack that will sit against a wall or on a hook and give you back your floor space.

Online you can purchase purpose-designed rack to hang your iron and even a board. These racks can be wall mounted, or hung over a door.

Under and over

Corners can be filled with shelving units that you can get from somewhere like Ikea or Muji. A simple hollow stack of cubes can work wonders and store anything from winter accessories, office stationary, china and plates for special occasions or simple household items that don’t have a home. If it’s in plain view, then buy some slide out boxes to keep your bits and pieces looking tidy.

Under the stairs can be utilised with some clever step shelving that matches the angle of the stairs. Under the bathroom basin can be utilised with a shelf that circles the pedestal.

Over the doors is an under utilised area of most homes. On the back of a door you can buy devices that hang shirts, shoes, towels and laundry baskets, or even caddies that hold everything from jewellery to spices.

With a few simple, cost effective purchases, you can turn your home from cluttered chaos into a spacious haven. By effectively utilising the empty spaces around your home and furniture you can create a roomier, more ordered home.

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