Bug Out Bags 101

Bug Out Bags 101

For new survivalists, building your first bug out bag can be a difficult and even a daunting task. There are a couple of different ways to go about making one. It’s not always easy to start, but if you follow your basic needs for survival, you should be fine. Here are a couple good things to look for when you’re starting to make your bug out bag:


The material that you put in your bag probably won’t be lightweight, which means that you need a bag that will be very lightweight. Nylon is a great material to use because it’s light, and it’s durable enough to take a beating and strong enough to carry everything that you need. Try the bag on and see how it feels. Make sure it’s comfortable enough that you can run with it, too. Remember, the two most important things for a bug out bag are the weight and comfort.


One of the biggest components to your survival is water. Whether or not you actually take water with you is a decision that you’ll need to make based on where you plan on going. If you’re going to be near a river or lake, you can take a water bottle and purify the water somehow. You can take purification tablets, boil the water or get a bottle with a filter on it. You will need clean water, though, so make sure that you will have some source of it wherever you’re going.


While the thought of sleeping under the stars every night may be appealing, it’s unrealistic. You’ll need something to protect yourself from the elements. The tricky part is finding something that will fit in your bag and won’t be too heavy to lug around. For warmth, you can use a space blanket. They are extremely light, thin and will keep you warm in all kinds of weather. You can take one or two small tarps, as well. One to place under you, as you sleep, the other to act as a roof over your head.


You’re going to need a way to find out where you’re going and what destinations would be best. There are a couple of different things that you could do. You could (but probably won’t want to), use a GPS. The obvious downside is that you’re trackable, but it’s very reliable and can help you get around. There are also maps, atlases and compasses that can do the same thing with a little more work required. Finding supplies and rest stops are crucial to your survival as well. You need to know where you are and where you’re going in order to live as a survivalist.


While a three course meal won’t be on the menu, you’ll still need to bring something that can give your body energy. There are a lot of lightweight things that you can pack that will make your survival a little more pleasant. Granola bars, trail mix and beef jerky are all small, light and easy to fit in your bag. You can also raid your food storage and see if there is anything that you can take.

Preparedness from Bug Out Bags

Making a bug out bag will make you more prepared for an emergency than the large majority of people. You’ll have more than enough supplies to last you until you can get to safety. Make sure to update your bag occasionally and to keep looking for good products that will help you survive.

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