Aspirational Kitchen Appliances For Your Home

Aspirational Kitchen Appliances For Your HomeIt may be sometime before we get to enjoy a future of self-cleaning worktops and robot chefs, but there are plenty of other space-age gadgets for the kitchen which are currently available.

Although we all make do with our trusty white goods and appliances, there are those things we all dream of having in the kitchen.

Here are some of the most aspirational kitchen appliances which would be welcomed in any home.

Zip HydroTap

Zip HydroTapThe trusty kettle is one of the most-used appliances in any kitchen. Even if you’re not a caffeine addict and don’t drink gallons of tea or coffee, there’s a chance you’ll still get plenty of use out of it making pasta, rice and other dishes. However, even the most expensive kettles take time to boil, and they aren’t very energy friendly, so you need one of the boiling water taps available. The Zip Hydrotap is an innovative appliance which creates boiling water in an instant, and it comes straight from the tap. The Zip Hydrotap also has a built-in filter so you can be assured that your water is crystal clear and clean, and the appliance can also chill water as it pours so you’ll never have to buy bottled water again.

Smeg Fridge

Few kitchen appliances are as iconic as a Smeg fridge. Recreating that classic, vintage 50s style, these retro stainless steel refrigerators come in a variety of different designs and colours which are guaranteed to bring the décor of any kitchen to life. Of course, they’re much more than just a pretty face, and most Smeg models have a high storage capacity, low noise level and an excellent energy efficiency rating.

Aga Cooker

Aga Cooker The oven is at the centre of any kitchen and, as long as it’s working, it’s probably the one appliance you’re least likely to change over the years. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t look at more desirable alternatives, and no kitchen appliance is quite as eye-catching as an Aga cooker. These stylish cast iron cookers help recreate that classic country kitchen look in any home, and the impressive appliances feature multiple oven spaces as well as hot plates, warming plates and top hobs.

Kitchenaid In-Sink

Even with the assistance of a dishwasher, washing dishes can still feel like a chore. Crouching down and filling the machine before taking it all out piece by piece can sometimes feel slower than just giving them a quick wash in the sink. This is why Kitchenaid’s In-Sink appliance is such an innovative concept. Fitting into the draining board space next to the sink, the appliance opens up so you can rinse your dishes in the sink before placing them straight into the washer. Even better, you can lift out the dishwasher basket and turn it into an extra sink or fold down the top for an additional work area.

Morphy Richards Intellisteamer

Steaming is one of the most healthy and tasty ways to cook vegetables, but most steamers rely on a certain amount of guesswork thanks to imprecise timer options and awkward stackable baskets. With a pre-set digital timer designed for different foods and handy built-in dividers, the Intellisteamer makes steaming so much easier. You simply throw in your food, press a few buttons and wait for your vegetables to be cooked to perfection.

Graeme K: When it’s time to update your kitchen and you look through the various guides on offer at your local DIY outlet, you soon realise that there are things you’ve never had before that you now ‘NEED’ (!). Firstly, it was a Zip Hydrotap, as my wife saw recipe ideas etc. here then it was a aga and the list went on. It turns out the kitchen would have had to be extended to fit in all the dream items we wanted. It also turns out that I would have needed to get a second job to afford them all! However that’s aspiration isn’t it, if you reach it instantly, what do then aspire to!?

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