Accessories for Vehicles During the Cold Winter Months

Accessories for Vehicles During the Cold Winter Months

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We’re recently past the Holiday Season, but after the Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations, a good part of the country still has to contend with the cold weather. Your vehicles, whether tasked for personal or job-related purposes, will see a lot of action during the Holidays. Make sure you outfit your vehicles with the appropriate add-ons and accessories so that your driving and transporting experiences within this season will be convenient, efficient, and safe.

Winter Tires

As our Holiday season in the West is intrinsically tied to colder weather (snow and ice, as typical of a country mostly in the temperate zone), one of the first things to prepare for is negotiating through snow-covered or even icy roads and terrain.

Snow or winter tires are designed to remain supple and retain traction over the road even in the coldest temperatures, so this is undoubtedly one of the first things you should prepare to purchase and install when the weather requires it. Tire chains are another option, but the trouble with these is that you can’t run them safely over pavement. Consider how the thick the snow gets in your area to determine if you need chains, but to be on the safe side, it is best to invest in a set of snow tires.

Rear Tire Rack

Having a fifth spare wheel in your trunk (a properly inflated one, mind you) is a great insurance policy to have against flat tires, but I suggest you do not stop there. Having yet another place to keep or mount a spare tire will make certain that in even the longest or most difficult of terrains, two flat tires won’t halt your progress.

The rationale behind this is that during the snowy months, sharp rocks and other objects dangerous to your tires are extremely hard to spot with the naked eye. Given that it is likely that you are more likely to run your vehicle over them, the likelihood of your tires suffering damage and deflating is higher.

Top Ladder/Cargo Rack

Typically found on work vans and pickups, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one on your family vehicles. Having extra cargo capacity on the top of your van, truck, or crossover is always a good thing, and with all the vacationing and the shopping, you will be glad to have some extra carrying capacity.

For vans and pickups with a more work-oriented purpose, these racks are almost an assumed accessory to have installed, and should definitely kept on the entire year. American Van Equipment and other online retailers offer these accessories, along with installation, for the more common vehicle types, ensuring a good and a sturdy mounting.


This is another year-round accessory to add (some vehicles already have it standard), but it becomes doubly important during the Holidays, especially if you have a number of parties (or for the work-oriented, deliveries or service visits) to attend to that are in locations that may not be familiar to you.

With tablets and smartphones boasting of GPS functionality, it is also conceivable to just buy a mount for your gadget on the dash and just bring up your favoring map application on screen.

Drive safely, everyone!

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