5 Unusual Benefits of Yoga

5 Unusual Benefits of YogaWe’ve all heard that yoga is good for you: it’s great exercise, it will improve your posture and help you achieve calm and balance in your life. But if you’re still not sold (or if you would just like to uncover some of the lesser known benefits of yoga), listen up:

Flex Your Willpower

Willpower is a muscle – it is strengthened through use. Yoga strengthens your physical muscles, for sure – that’s why you’ll notice that your posture improves through practice – but it also works your mental muscles. Through the practice of yoga you learn to flex your willpower. You will hold a pose longer than your mind says you should. You will scrape yourself out of bed and step onto the mat even when your brain tell you to go back to sleep.

Each time you choose Yoga, you have strengthened your willpower. And good willpower will filter through to every aspect of your life. Your ability to make good decisions, keep commitments, and reach goals all comes down to how strong your willpower is. Through yoga you will become happier, healthier and a more reliable person.

Become Aware of Your Breathing

We do it (roughly) every second of every day. It has a huge impact on our mood. And yet we barely even notice it’s happening. Yoga will help you to become aware of your breathing and the subconscious cues it gives us. If you start noticing your breath, a sudden increase in your breathing speed – to short sharp bursts – will give you a cue that you’re feeling stressed. This will give you the power to take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down.

Deal with Difficult Situations

Yoga gives you tools to deal with the drama that life throws your way. Unfortunately, Yoga can’t get help you avoid difficult situations in your life (nothing that incredible exists just yet), but it can provide the balance and perspective to tackle life’s little (or big) upsets when they crop up. Regular yoga practice provides you with a sturdy base to deal with difficult situations, and you may notice that life gets a little bit easier when you have yoga to help.

Meet New Friends

Yoga practice is a personal journey. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the company of others! Making friends through yoga is a good compliment to your practice. It will help to keep you motivated and inspired to pursue your yoga practice. Grab a chai with some of the yogis after class one day. You might find that you make some solid friends outside the studio!

Notice the Signs

The universe is full of signs designed to help you through life. Thousands of people walked past one of the most famous violinists in the world without even noticing – imagine what else we must miss! Yoga teaches you to pay attention to how your body feels. How your breath fills your lungs. And how your mind feels when it’s free of distraction. This practice will help you notice the things going on around you and how they relate to you, helping you to become more present in your life.

Boost Creativity

There’s no period that’s more productive and creative than after a morning yoga session. It might be the reflection time. It might be the endorphin boost from exercise. Who knows, it might be divine intervention. Whatever the reason, continued yoga practice is sure to boost your creativity.

Image Source: Wikimedia
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