5 Relaxation Tips for the Stressed Bride

Planning a wedding can be such a daunting task that may sometimes push brides over the edge – which is something that shouldn’t happen as the bride ought to be the loveliest girl in the room when the wedding day rolls around. But really, all that organizing, finalizing, fitting and refitting, and worrying over the minute details can stress anyone out. Fortunately, this can be prevented by taking some time off to relax whenever things get too hard to handle.

5 Relaxation Tips for the Stressed Bride

Here are some relaxation tips that can save any stressed bride from completely melting down before the actual ceremony happens.

1. Pamper yourself.

Head on over to your favorite spa, and have a day of pampering that’s fit for a queen. Revel in the feel of being cared for as you spend the day getting your nails done, having all the tension knots relaxed by your trusted masseuse, and just simply taking it all slow. Nothing beats stress like a good old pampering.

2. Run away with your fiancé.

Now this doesn’t mean that you both should just pack up and get married somewhere where it’s just the two of you along with a bunch of witnesses. Rather, it’s taking the time off of your busy schedules to actually just spend time with each other.

Update yourselves on what you’ve been doing the past few weeks – communication is the key. This is the time to reconnect and remember that amidst all the chaos of the wedding planning, it’s ultimately all about the two of you. Go out to the countryside. Relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company. You both deserve that much-needed break!

3. Maintain a mantra.

Whatever your religion might be, maintaining a mantra can prove to be good for your inner and outer self. “I am feeling great”, “I’m good, the world is good, everything is good”, and “Today will be a fantastic day!” are only a few examples of one-liners that you can play on loop in your mind. Keep saying it in your head, and you’ll find that it will affect your outlook and result to a positive change in mindset, thereby alleviating stress.

4. Understand your stress. 

Do you stress out when something that you’ve planned diligently doesn’t go the way you wanted it to? Or does the stress come from the feeling of taking on all the tasks yourself? By understanding why you are stressed, you’ll be able to address the root cause of the issue, and either relieve yourself of it, or avoid it to prevent future stress from happening as go further into the planning.

5. Delegate tasks.

While personal touch adds that special factor, attempting to do everything yourself can not only weigh anyone down, it can possibly affect your relationship with your fiancé and the people around you as your mood sours from all the workload.

If you’re not hiring a full-time wedding planner, be a delegator – and trust that the person you delegated the task to can complete it to the best of his ability. If you have a friend who has worked closely with florists in the past, why not ask him to help you out by setting you up with an appointment with one?

If you’re having trouble finding a wedding band based on your specific needs, you can ask a close friend to contact local live entertainment agencies such as Music For Scotland. These agencies offer wedding band options based on your needs and spare you the trouble of searching for them manually.


Remember, a wedding needs two people to marry, but it takes a lot more to round it all out to be the successful event you want it to be.

Getting married can be the fulfillment of a girl’s dream, but the entire process of getting there can be too much. By following the tips above, you’ll be sure to retain that glow and sparkle for the big day and be the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen.

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