Wrap’m – Social Sharing, Simplified & your long URLs will love you

Wrap'm - Social Sharing, Simplified & your long URLs will youTired of long URLs links generating via your post or site you want to share on social networking site but long url made you frustrated and we know there are many link shortening services on the web.

So today we share new links shortening web based service with many more features known as Wrap’m – Social Sharing, Simplified launched 30 November 2013 and version 2.2.0.

Wrap’m started off with the objective to build an eco-system that brings together content, influencers and advertisers on a unique platform that enables not just those who create content, but also those who bring in the traffic, to get something in return.

That is the goal we are moving towards. Anyone can set up a URL shortening service with the help of applications

Here are some features :

InstaWrap  (Wrap’m Quick)

InstaWrap  (Wrap'm Quick)

Wrap your long URLs into neat little links by pasting them into the text box above and then clicking on the Wrap’m button. We’ll instantly provide you with a short URL, as well as quick sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Give it a shot. Wrap’m up good.

My Links

Wrap'm My Links

In this section you can check your shorten links based on clicks or recency. Its easy to navigate because this not only shows links but also full title of the post and you easily share it to all social networks.

InstaWrap Browser Apps

Wrap’m also launched browser apps for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to make sharing more faster and quickly.

More (Coming Soon)

As of now they have begun with shortening links and allowing users to share them across various networking platforms. Once they reach a critical mass of daily users, links and visitors served, we shall enable certain other features like long tweets, mini-blogs and interstitial advertisements to create value for the influencers in our network.

So if you too are someone who believes that the people who post links to twitter, facebook and other networks, should get some reward for the influence they command in their networks, then join us by signing up.

Easy to use interface and navigate through links. Sharing while browsing links makes its awesome. Wrap’m Rocks – ModernLifeBlogs.com


Website : Wrap’m

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