Wearable Technology

Wearable TechnologyTechnology has come a long way in the last 20, 10, and even 5 years. Desktops shrunk to laptops, from laptops we went to handheld computers, and so on. Our electronic technology used to be strictly used in our homes or at the office. Now, technology has become so much smaller and necessary that it’s to the point that we can wear our electronics throughout our day.

Here are some of the technological accessories that we can wear, now:

Bluetooth Earpiece

Once upon a time we only had landlines. You couldn’t walk around and talk to somebody on the telephone, had to actually use a dial in order to call someone, and your phone was hanging on a wall. Forget those days. You can put a small earpiece in either of your ears and talk to somebody from wherever you get telephone service. The earpiece isn’t actually a phone, but it can connect to your phone via bluetooth technology, and you’ll be able to receive and make phone calls, and still have the use of both hands.

Google Glass

Whether or not you actually like Google, you have to admit that Google Glass is one of the coolest things that you’ve ever seen. It’s a set of glasses that has google built right into it. You can pull up maps, take pictures, record videos and even have a video chat, all handless, wireless and through your glasses. Your work doesn’t just end at the office anymore. For some who are tied to their computer desk, if might be a hard transition to mobile technology. But with Google Glass you can look at your email, access the internet and do pretty much anything else that you can imagine.

Nike + Fuelband

At first glance, a Nike plus fuelband looks like nothing more than a flashy electronic wristband. But believe me when I tell you that it’s much, much more. On the band, you can track your workout progress, trends in your exercise, connect with other users and keep yourself motivated. It’s an excellent workout tool, stylish and it’s very durable.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

If you’re looking for the most futuristic watch on the market, look no further than the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Gear not only tells you the time, but it is compatible with your other electronic devices and allows you to keep your entire life connected. You can answer phone calls on it, scroll through text messages and even take pictures with it. Basically, this is like a super watch that you would see on a TV series like The Jetsons. Watches are an excellent way to make a statement, and there is no better watch to make a statement with than the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Personal Sound Amplifier

For those who may need assistance with hearing, a personal sound amplifier is a perfect helper to enjoy your entertainment. They come with a receiver and headset, and you can use them to watch TV or listen to music. Plug the receiver into the source of entertainment, put the headphones on and you’ll be able to hear your entertainment very clearly. These are excellent to use when you have company over but would still like to hear your entertainment, or if you need to listen to the entertainment at a higher volume than other people who are enjoying it with you.

With the rate that technology is evolving and changing our world, it may seem a bit difficult to keep up with. If you make the effort, however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much it can enhance the quality of your life. Look on the internet or deals, make your purchases online, use your e signature to validate that it’s you, and enjoy your new gadgets.

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