Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising Ideas For KidsInvolving children in fund-raising activities is a great way to develop their understanding of inequalities in the world. Realising that others in the world are less well off, and appreciating that some people devote their lives to helping others, can be a good way to develop their sense of social responsibility. For example, VSO recruits volunteers with professional skills in areas such as education, health, engineering and technical fields, business, management and IT and many more. This organisation, like many others, relies on fundraising to finance their work in developing countries across the world.

Of course, it’s important to be well-prepared before undertaking fundraising with children. Make sure you choose an activity that is easy for the children to carry out, and one that will capture their imagination. Ensure that your event is well publicised beforehand, perhaps by contacting the local press, and by putting up posters. Enlist plenty of adult help to supervise the youngsters, especially if the fundraising involves anything messy or active. And don’t forget to have some information on hand that explains the work of your chosen charity – many organisations will be able to supply resources on request.

Here are a few suggestions for ‘child-friendly’ fundraising events:

An ‘Activity-a-thon’

Events involving children doing something active are very popular. If your fundraising is being done through a club or organisation, choose something relevant. A sports club could arrange a ‘keepey-uppey’ competition, a swimming event or a timed skipping session. Children can be sponsored to take part. Ensure that sponsor forms are available well beforehand, and if possible, take advantage of the Gift Aid scheme where you can reclaim 20%. On the day, encourage spectators to cheer on the participants; you could also provide refreshments (for a small charge), and perhaps hold a raffle to raise even more money.

A Community Car Wash

Children love any excuse to get wet and messy, and a fundraising car wash can be very successful. You will need plenty of adults to supervise, and it’s important to make sure that the junior car-washers are well trained – you don’t want to end up with damage to a car! You may be able to persuade a local business to donate the equipment you need, such as buckets, sponges, car shampoo etc. And of course, you will need a large space with easy access to water – a school playground or sports field is ideal. Again, providing ‘extras’ for spectators and for those waiting for their car to be washed, is a good way to raise a little extra.

An Art Exhibition

It’s surprising how much friends and family will be willing to pay for their child’s artwork. So take advantage of this and organise an art exhibition. Plan well ahead for this, as the children need to produce their exhibits, and you will need to get them framed – you may be able to do a deal with a local framer, or buy some simple clip frames. You could also include other ways to display the art, such as greetings cards, mugs, coasters and mouse mats. There are several companies who can manage the whole process for you, and you will receive a percentage of the money raised. Or you could manage the process yourself. You could even hold an auction, which may push prices even higher.

Whatever activity you choose to undertake, involving the children in your decision will help them to feel they have more ownership of the fundraising, and they may have some brilliant ideas of their own. There are loads of resources online that look at a variety of different fundraising ideas. So why not take the plunge, and watch the children’s understanding of the importance of fundraising blossom?

Josephine is training to be a primary school teacher, and currently volunteers for her local Girl Guides, where she gets to use a lot of paper mache and glitter.

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