Essential Online Marketing Tips for Affiliate Success

Essential Online Marketing Tips for Affiliate SuccessThe affiliate marketing industry is rapidly maturing, and while that means that it can be a competitive industry, there are some benefits to its maturity. One key benefit to entering the industry today is that you can learn from the efforts of those who came before you. Here are some essential tips that will help you to achieve affiliate marketing success.

Optimise Your Site

On-site SEO is essential to the success of any affiliate website. A well-optimized website is one that loads quickly, has a sensible URL structure, includes meta tags for the title and description, and contains unique keyword rich copy. Don’t worry about keyword stuffing or extensive link building. Focus on making your site clean, fast loading and informative. If you have that in place, the rest will come.

Use Topical and Evergreen Content

Topical content is great for short term traffic. If you can tie your niche to the latest popular movie or controversial celebrity gaffe, then do so. You will get good traffic from social media and news aggregators, at least for a day or two after your post. However, the biggest traffic gains will come from evergreen content.

How-to guides, product reviews and even opinion pieces that relate to topics which never go out of fashion are brilliant for bringing in a “long tail” of traffic. Examples of good evergreen subjects include “How to lose weight for the summer”, and “How to get your child ready for their first term at school”. You can even tweak those posts and cross-link them to other subjects such as “How to lose weight for a wedding”, or “Preparing for your child’s first school trip”. Be sure to revisit your evergreen posts to update them, so that Google, and your visitors, know that the information is still current.

Track Everything

Today’s affiliate marketers have access to so much more information than the pioneers of the industry would ever have imagined could be possible. You can find out where your visitors come from, who sent them to your site and what browser or device they are using. You can even target advertisements by age, gender, marital status and more. Don’t waste that knowledge.

Next time you change your site or run an advertising campaign, track everything and run regular reports. Compare those reports to past data and use that information to work out what your visitors like, and what drives them away. Take advantage of funnels and goals in Google Analytics to see where you are losing visitors, and make improvements to your conversion process. With the amount of information that is available to webmasters today there are no excuses for weak sales pages and poor conversion rates.

Build Engagement

During the early days of the web, extensive link building and large scale PPC campaigns were all that you needed to produce a successful website. While you can still achieve a moderate amount of success with PPC alone, you are wasting resources if you take that approach. Social media is a powerful, and low cost, marketing tool. Take advantage of it to build a community around your brand, and turn your users into advocates for your products.

Crispin Jones is a self-confessed affiliate marketing junkie and has written for several publications in the past. He is currently working with the team at ClickSure in producing their support content across their various sites.

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