How to Dress Your Car Up For the Christmas Season

How to Dress Your Car Up For the Christmas SeasonThe holidays are just around the corner and there is no better time to get into the spirit of Christmas. This holiday season, Mardy Schweitzer from Horizon Auto Shipping says to make your travels extra special by dressing up your car with these easy ideas.

Freshen the Air

One of the greatest things about the Christmas season is all the wonderful smells. What is your favorite holiday scent? Peppermint? Fir? Spice? Whatever it may be, you can find a wide selection of scents to fill your car with that holiday cheer. Consider placing a holiday scent in your car to help freshen the air and make each ride special. Passengers will love it and you will too.


What better way to get your car all dressed up than to add some holiday decorations of your own? If you are looking for something simple, then maybe a holiday antenna topper would do the trick. However, if you are looking to really shine this year, keep an eye out for great holiday decals you can just stick on your car, then remove later. There are many sizes to choose from and you can find all of your favorite holiday characters. Buy several and you can place them together to create a scene on your car that will be sure to turn heads.


Are you an artistic person or just have a craving to do something fun for the holiday season? How about creating your own collage on your car from Christmas decorations? Car art is an increasingly popular way to express yourself. Search your garage or ask neighbors and friends for old, unused Christmas decorations to make this project easily affordable. Your imagination is the only limit, so let it fly.


This holiday season, one of the greatest things you can do is support your local organizations. Consider adding a bumper sticker, decals, or just paint your windows with information to help support your most cherished organizations. Christmas is a time of giving and everyone can make a difference. How will you make yours?

Interior Design

Lets face it, holiday travels can be quite hectic. Why not enhance your experience with some holiday comfort inside your car? You can find great holiday blankets and throws you can put in your car to keep it warm and cozy. Choosing a comfortable fleece with a holiday print will make for easy décor. Pop in a disk of your favorite Christmas music and feel the love of the holidays surround you.

Delicious Snacks

Who doesn’t love holiday treats? This Christmas, keep some of your favorite treats in your car so you can enjoy and share them. (Make sure the treats you choose will not spoil in the car.)This simple idea can really help make someone’s day. Offer the treats to your passengers and watch their eyes light up as they enjoy your gift.

However you decide to express your holiday cheer this year, know that it is contagious. You may be able to bring a little joy into someone else’s holiday season and that is priceless.

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