Different Types of Serviced Offices

Different Types of Serviced OfficesOne of the most confusing terms regarding serviced offices would be: a shared office space, a business centre, and office space for rent. The reason of course is that businessmen, entrepreneurs, frequent travelling employees, and others have office services in mind. When they search for this type of office, they are bombarded with features such as: negotiable rate, flexible terms, professional and highly skilled staff or support people, use of different office machines and so on.

Aside from these things, there are specific office activities that are available through serviced offices such as:

  1. Mail forwarding where you can access your mails wherever you are whether it is through snail mail or through the web.
  2. Phone answering or Call Centre Management that you can delegate your phone activities through a secretary or a receptionist. You can let them handle inquiries, complaints, and feedback from your customers and they will give a report of all calls that had been taken.
  3. Facsimile and email, so you can have your fax messages uploaded to your email address and worry no more about missing important documents. Trust that this type of office service will be handled carefully by a serviced office receptionist or your assigned personal assistant.
  4. Meeting and conference management lets you have a gathering of people discussing important points. Technology has led to implementation of video conferencing, audio-video presentation, and real time updates and monitoring. With that, you should see to it that the serviced office of your choice is capable of accommodating these tasks so that you will have a productive meeting with your clients and other stakeholders.
  5. Processing of claims allows you to implement a sales program, so there is no need for you to attend claims on prizes or incentives. Let the serviced office staff handle it for you so you can attend to more pressing matters such as analysing the effectiveness of your program.
  6. Licensing and permit that comes with this type of office service and almost all serviced offices. You would want to get these documents, so that you can instantly move forward with your business especially if you are not familiar with the territory.
  7. Office supplies management will be all provided with your serviced office package, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing stationary or other office equipment that you might need.
  8. Hospitality services let serviced office personnel entertain your customers, clients, and associates when you are busy and don’t have time to attend to them right away.
  9. Secretarial Services is an assistant that will handle all documentation and other office matters. Why not negotiate for a secretary together with lease on office space?

Renting a serviced office goes beyond contract, location, space, area, address, and features. Offering different offices services is not only crucial to owners of serviced offices but to their tenants and future tenants as well. You can find a suitable package for renting an office whether for short term or long term.

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