Coffee Wars of 2014 (Infographic)

London’s coffee scene exploded in 2010, with hipster-chic cafés exploding all over East End, the streets of Shoreditch sprouting high-quality coffee houses. As for New York City, it’s a little more complicated. In order to know where the good coffee is at in the Big Apple, you’ll have to look up neighbourhood guides in order to find who’s got the best beans.

This is merely a superficial difference, however. According to Tassimo, London and New York City’s coffee consumption trends and habits are leading to something big: the Coffee Wars of 2014.

Who will survive? Who will drink more coffee? Which city will have the best beans at the end of the day? Which area has the highest concentration of cafés? The answers aren’t as straightforward as you may think they are. If you love coffee, chances are that you’ll want to have a gander at some of these surprising statistics.

Coffee Wars of 2014

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