Choose Experienced Attorneys To Win Disability Claims

Choose Experienced Attorneys To Win Disability ClaimsSocial Security disability claims involve complicated paperwork, dealing with multiple requests for the same information and providing accurate descriptions and timetables of injuries or medical conditions. Many applications are denied the first time, and appeals can be frustrating, time-consuming and confusing.

Choosing the right attorney speeds the process and makes approval more likely, so disability filers should choose lawyers with experience and successful track records of getting Social Security disability approvals. Attorneys at specialize in handling these types of cases and can cut through the red tape that prevents fast, positive decisions on disability applications.

Choosing a Lawyer

Successful disability applicants choose attorneys before beginning the application process because a lawyer’s help is critical and attorneys charge the same amount regardless of when they begin working on these cases. Look for an attorney who does not charge a retainer or initial consultation fee and agrees to handle the matter on a contingency basis, which means that lawyers only are paid after winning their cases. Hiring an attorney is not required for success, but doing so improves the chances of getting a favorable decision.

Experience and Attention to Detail

Attorneys like the experts at use persuasive language on the application and recommend the kind of proof that gets positive results. Years of experience in winning disability claims help attorneys focus on those conditions that Social Security auditors need to see before granting disability. Keeping good records and dates is crucial for winning backdated benefits. Experienced attorneys can explain the strengths and weaknesses of disability cases, understand which conditions lead to automatic approvals and speed awards for compassionate relief.

Research Each Attorney’s Approval Rate

Ask about an attorney’s approval rates for full or partial benefits. Find out whether a prospective lawyer wins after the first application or has to appeal cases frequently. Clients can find out how much attention an attorney will bring to the case by testing whether the lawyer responds quickly to phone calls and messages. Before meeting with an attorney, research the lawyer’s online reputation and customer testimonials. During the interview, ask about support-staff resources, whether there will be a case manager, how many clients the attorney handles and whether the firm will advance funds to obtain medical records. Most firms willingly make this accommodation, but try to confirm the benefit.

Knowledge of Social Security Law

Attorneys do not need special licensing to represent people at disability hearings; in fact, claimants can appoint representatives who are not even attorneys. However, experienced lawyers not only know how to interpret the law but also understand how to make the best possible case for granting disability benefits. Find out how many years a prospective attorney has practiced disability law and in which states he or she has practiced. Having experience in a particular jurisdiction becomes important if the case comes before an administrative law judge. An attorney with experience understands that certain judges have biases for or against certain types of cases, so he or she can tailor the arguments in ways that are likely to get the best response.

Social Security and SSI claims could prove critical for applicants and their families, so do not leave matters to chance or risk missing important verifications, deadlines or compelling arguments that could win the case. Choose an experienced attorney at a firm that specializes in disability cases to get the best results. Let the lawyers worry about the government and red tape.

Article written by Brandon McDonald

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