5 Reasons to Get Whole House Filtration

5 Reasons to Get Whole House FiltrationWhether we recognize it or not, untreated water is a major cause of concern. New contaminants are emerging day by day, and water is becoming more and more dangerous to our bodies. One of the newest and most effective methods in protecting yourself and your family against the growing threats of untreated water is the whole house filtration system.

Whole house filtration works at the point of entry to your house, purifying not only your drinking water, but also the water you use for cooking, bathing, and washing clothes. Ultimately, having whole house filtration can result in greater health, fitness, and peace of mind. Not yet convinced? Here are more reasons why you should get this type of filtration system.

1. It prevents gastrointestinal problems

Untreated water contain disease-causing microorganisms that may cause severe diarrhea, amoebiasis, cholera, Hepatitis A, and other gastrointestinal diseases. Some people combat this by drinking bottled water. But how about the water you use to cook the food? This water is absorbed by the food and is eventually ingested by your body – along with all the other contaminants.

Whole house filtration purifies the not only drinking water, but also water for cooking. You can take in large amounts of filtered water each day without having to worry about getting sick.

2. It ensures clean air to breathe

Did you know that when a home relies on untreated water, chloroform and other toxic gases are released into the air every time a toilet is flushed, or when the shower is turned on, or when the clothes washer is used? These harmful gases may cause significant health risks to everyone in the household. Water from whole house filtration ensures clean air to breathe in addition to providing clean, contaminant-free water.

3. It provides healthier baths

Many people don’t realize that contaminants in untreated water can be absorbed through the skin.  Without filtered bath water, you still allow the contaminants inside your body. Also, chlorine in untreated bath water can cause red eyes, headaches, dizziness, and in certain situations, cancer. With whole house filtration, chlorine and other chloramines are greatly reduced, making baths and showers a healthier experience.

4. It gives you smoother hair and skin

Untreated water with high mineral content, also called hard water, coats the strands of your hair with sediments and other contaminants. This makes hair dull, dry, and lacking in luster. Removing the contamination through house water filters makes your hair and skin softer and radiant within a few days.

5. It protects you water-using appliances

Coffee pots, dishwashers, hot tanks, and washing machines get damaged when the quality of water that enters them contains sediments or chlorine. Whole house filtered water prevents the build-up of minerals and calcium, thus helping customers save customers thousands on appliance replacement costs. Soft water also protects granite, shower doors, marble and porcelain from mineral spots.

In addition, these filters alleviate symptoms of asthma, removes chemicals embedded in clothing, and uses less soap to keep dishes clean. When shopping for whole house filters, check that they have patented technology, non-electric parts, lead-free faucets, and long, comprehensive warranties.

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