4 Things You Should Know About Label Printing

4 Things You Should Know About Label PrintingLabel printing can be a tricky job, causing some hair-pulling scenarios. The reason is because there are quite a few areas that allow room for error, causing you a waste of time and money.

These difficulties include envelopes being fed in the wrong direction, resulting in incorrect printing and wasting sheets of expensive labels due to incorrect information regarding label size and product size. To save you frustrations around label printing, we have compiled four important things you should know about label printing, ensuring your printing job goes smoothly and your hair remains intact.

Pre-Purchase Check before Label Printing

Before buying labels, it is important to check that the labels work in harmony with your printer. Certain labels are designed to work better with certain inkjet cartridges and inkjet printers while others are more suitable to use with laser printers. To get the best from your labels, choose those that match your printer.

Use Specific Software for Label Printing

A more efficient and stress-free way of printing labels for envelopes or otherwise is to use specific software which deals with all the necessary sizing and positioning. Certain label manufacturers provide their own software for label printing or you can find features on many word processing programs. You can choose from an array of templates which suit many different sizes of labels.

There are options for mass or single label printing. It is extremely important that you enter the correct size of the label you are printing or if there is an option in the program, enter the product number for your label. Choose your preferred font sizes, style and other customizations; make sure they are readable on your labels. You have many added options such as adding a default return address or customized business labels.

Positioning & Settings for Printing Labels

Once the template details have been filled out in your chosen program, make sure you check which way the envelope or labels should be fed into the printer. Programs such as Microsoft Office Word & Publisher provide information about feeding; informing you whether it should be inserted face up or down, saving you wasted time & materials.

Make sure that you have adjusted your printer settings to optimize your print quality, choosing label settings before you begin. If the toner is coming off easily on testing, choose ‘transparency’ as the media type in your printer settings instead of paper. This can be found on your print dialog box in print options.

For better quality printing, reduce your printer’s DPI resolution; this is helpful in preventing ink smudging on your labels. Choose the plain paper and normal settings with 300 or 600 DPI resolution.

Label Testing on Plain Paper

It is a good idea to print a test sheet on a blank piece of paper, checking if it fits within the boundaries of the label before you begin printing on the labels themselves. Do this by holding the printed sheet behind the label. If it is misaligned, make the necessary adjustments to the layout by adjusting the margins on left and right or top and bottom. This saves a lot of frustration and wasted labels if your first or second attempt is not the right size.

Added Tips for Label Printing & Storage

  • Store your labels in their original plastic packaging in cool dry place to avoid humidity damage. Place a weight on the packaging to keep them flat, ensure the edges are not bent.
  • Handle your labels by the edge; ensure oil from your hands does not get onto the printable area to prevent ink smudging.
  • Allow ink to dry fully on you labels before handling, peeling or stacking.
  • Only pass through sheets of labels once through your printer as the label can curl or peel off causing printer problems.

By following these four things you should know about label printing, your printing job should flow with ease resulting in high quality printed labels with little to no problems.

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