Top Attractions in London

Top Attractions in LondonWhere does all the action take place?

In the hustle and bustle of London of course, one of world’s most famous cities: this is where those who expect classic culture and refinement congregate and where history and modernity mingle creating an unmatched individualistic culture.

This is where you want to be – right amongst centuries old architecture, classic gardens and the world-renowned shopping districts that house the likes of Harrods and Notting Hill.  As everything is either within walking distance or an easy Tube ride to visit historical tourist venues such as the Tower of London and Madame Toussauds and iconic 21st century marvels like the London Eye, you will be hard pressed to utter the words ‘I’m bored’.

Additionally, if you enjoy a good saunter, Kensington Gardens can’t be missed, where you can let the littlies run around in the beautiful Diana Memorial Playground and watch the world pass by.  The recently renovated Prince Albert Statue and world-class theatres mostly located around the Leicester Square and Covent Garden areas are also worth a good look and when you’ve had enough and need to rest, head back to your cozy hotel and put your feet up before heading back out again.  There are plenty of great choices around so do your research and enjoy your stay to the max!

What about those who would like a bit of an educational experience?  You can’t go past a visit to the Sea Life London Aquarium where you will be dazzled by the unique marine life.  Considered one of the top attractions in London, this is one to bookmark.  Museums and historical buildings abound, so you won’t find it hard to find somewhere to learn something about!

The opportunities for a great day out in London are limitless.  Why not visit Hyde Park, where you can get your fill of Royal gardens and magnificent statues? Then meander through famous galleries and eat out at any number of bustling cafes, restaurants and bars.

Once you’ve had your fill of historical pathways and vibrant British street culture, take a day or two to experience some of the most iconic shopping districts in the UK, with Covent Garden being one of the best for a variety of buying opportunities, great food and simply awesome daily entertainment.

And if you’re really into shopping, you have to make time to go to Old Spittlefield Markets.  Make sure you take plenty of cash as most of the vendors only deal in cash, but you’ll find both brand new up and coming designer fashion as well as the quintessential British antiques, bric-a-brac and knickknacks to fulfill any treasure hunters instincts.

Now, we haven’t forgotten you adventure junkies! Oh, no, there’s plenty in London for you too!  For a truly wild ride, try a Bungee Jump right in the heart of London or why not go on a bike tour and see where Shakespeare talked? Of course there are many more activities to suit any outdoor loving adventurer of any age so take a walk through the Google pages and get inspired!

We do recommend too that before you leave the city, take some time to stop and just sit in one of the many beautiful religious centres.  St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are without doubt, two of the most significant and most breathtaking buildings you could ever step foot in.  So regardless of your religious views, do make the effort just to witness human craftsmanship at it’s finest.

Last but certainly not least, London is full of character and steeped in history.  Taking a stroll down the centre of the city and chatting with shop owners, you will get to know a side of London that may not be listed in the top attractions, but you’ll gain a wealth of connection that is hard to beat.

So that about raps it up for now. Get yourself to London, find somewhere great to stay and make the most of every moment.

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