Top 5 Movie Cars of all Time

Top 5 Movie Cars of all Time1. Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger

The Aston Martin DB5 is undoubtedly the coolest car ever made. In 1964, it got a film appearance that would define its image in Goldfinger, and since then, it has appeared in several other James Bond films and it is considered to be the original 007 car. Although the DB5 was gorgeous, it was the gadgets that made it so awesome and resonated with viewers. A flip up bulletproof shield and two machine guns? Now those are optional extras!

2. Ford Lincoln Futura – Batman 1955

The Ford Lincoln Futura may only be instantly recognisable by those who grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but regardless, it’s an iconic vehicle that today can command a premium well in excess of 80k for a good condition model. The vehicle used in the Batman film was heavily modifies with new metalwork and detailing, and the crew tried several different colour combinations before settling on “Velvet Bat-Fizz Black’ by Metalflake, inc.

3. DeLorean DMC-12 – Back to the Future

The DeLorean DMC-12 can do one thing that no other car on this list can – it can travel to the future! The Back to the Future films are fantastic, and the DMC-12 is iconic because it remained the Doc’s choice of vehicle over 3 films. With only 150 bhp as standard, though, the production DMC-12 was never quite as fast as its looks suggested, leading to poor sales and its withdrawal from all markets only a few years after it first went on sale.

4. Volkswagen Beetle – Herbie

The Volkswagen Beetle (the original, that is) is one of VW’s best selling cars of all time, and it is one of the few movie cars in history that has been able to create a direct connection with the viewer. Herbie is alive with a personality of his own! The franchise lasted for an incredible 6 films, and prior to the first ever appearance of Herbie, producers decided to remove all VW branding to give the car a more human personality. Herbie’s roots started at needing a Birmingham’s Bristol Street Motors car service, but ended with him racing against the best in the world.

5. Mini – The Italian Job

No list would be complete without the inclusion of the original Mini, which was already world famous before its appearance in the 1969 British caper film The Italian Job. The Mini was a commercial success before the film because it was cheap to buy, cheap to run, but incredibly good fun to drive. As Michael Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill showed, though, it was perfect for a bank heist too!

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