Tips for Caring for Your New Puppy

Tips for Caring for Your New PuppyIt may be no surprise to hear that sales of puppies sky rocket at this time of year, so it’s essential that we understand fully how to look after a new puppy, to keep him as happy, healthy and safe as possible. It’s also important to teach the smallest members of the family that puppies aren’t just for Christmas, as the famous saying goes.

We’ve found some really great tips for helping your new addition adjust to life in his new family.

Create a calm and welcoming environment for his arrival

Moving away from its mother and the rest of the litter will be extremely nerve-wracking for a little puppy, so it can be a good idea to replicate their first environment as closely as possible. Keep loud noises to a minimum; avoid handling it too much for the first few days, and if it shows any signs of distress – which is highly likely – aim to comfort it by sitting next to it and gently stroking it, to stop it from feeling overwhelmed and scared.

Ensure you have the best quality food and supplies

Starting your puppy off from the beginning with good, nutritional food will be beneficial to him throughout his entire life. Opt for brands that cater specifically to your dog’s stage of life, such as Iams puppy food from Vet Medic. Also invest in a good bed for him that is supportive as well as soft. You may even want to purchase blankets if your new puppy is especially small, or has particularly short fur.

Be careful when choosing toys and treats

You will no doubt be tempted to shower your brand new four legged family member with gifts and luxuries, but you will need to take a number of things into account before making your purchases. Always go for toys that are suitable for the size of the puppy, and ones that are durable to avoid choking hazards. Shop around to find the best deal on toys for your puppy. Edible treats provide great rewards for good behaviour and for generally making your puppy happy, but it’s important to not go too overboard, though this can be difficult! Obesity in dogs is a growing problem, so making sure he is as healthy as possible from a young age will help enormously as he grows older.

Take the puppy for regular vet checks

Keeping in control of your dog’s health can be easier if you have a good system for him from an early age. They usually need a number of vaccinations, just like babies, when they are very young, and it’s usually a good idea to keep them away from adult dogs until they have had all of their injections, as they will be more susceptible to diseases and infections. You may also want to consult your vet when choosing appropriate flea and tick treatments, as they can vary from breed to breed.

Make the most of it!

Puppies grow incredibly quickly, so make sure you and your family make the most of this lovely age. Why not keep a scrap book of his developments? Take lots of photos so that you’ll always have memories of the first few wonderful years of your puppy’s life.

Laura is a 21 year old English graduate living in Liverpool

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