Teak – The Perfect Material

Teak - The Perfect MaterialWhy Teak is a Great Addition to your Garden

Here at Garden Benches all of our products are made from teak, and there are excellent reasons for using this material. Firstly, teak is easy to work with, allowing us to produce a beautiful finish on all our products. Teak is also extremely resistant to rot and decay due to its high oil content, making it wonderfully weather-resistant, therefore, it the ideal material to use in furniture to be kept outdoors.

You can rest assured that when you purchase a teak garden bench that, with the use of our waterproof bench covers in the harshest weather, your bench will last and last. The beauty of teak is that you can enjoy you bench through all seasons so long as you treat it with TLC, meaning that you don’t have to wait until Summer before you treat yourself to one, perhaps it could be a Christmas present.

Treating your Teak

We’ve already mentioned that protecting your teak may mean using a waterproof cover in harsh weather and we do stock a range of covers to fit all of our benches. Using a cover is also ideal to prevent any extra work for you once the weather does start to warm up, you’ll simply be able to whip off the cover and enjoy your bench rather then having to clean it before use. Teak does have a habit of maturing to a silver-grey finish over time, which can look appealing, but if you wish to maintain the dark brown look there are oils that you can use to treat your furniture. Garden Benches stock a wide range of oils to help you protect the colour of your bench, including cleaners to bring the colour back and protectors to help prevent colour fade in the first place.

Teak – a Sustainable Option

Here at Garden Benches we take the sustainability of our environment and our worlds’ forests seriously. For this reason, all the teak that is used in our products is sourced from ecologically managed plantations in Indonesia. These plantations work hard to ensure that trees are re-planted making them not only environmentally friendly but also a boost to the local communities and economies of the region from where your teak originated. Indeed, the plantations that we use here at Garden Benches are supported by Trees 4 Trees, an ethical, non-profit organisation that works to empower and educate local communities by teaching them reforestation techniques. When you purchase a garden bench from us you will also receive a label with a unique code on, allowing you to visit the Trees 4 Trees website and trace the exact origin of the wood which you now own. So, you can treat yourself without any guilt, your purchase will not have any negative impact on the environment or on the land owners and communities in Indonesia.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, easy to maintain, ethical and beautiful addition to your garden then you really need to look no further. At Garden Benches we have a wide range of benches, one of which is sure to suit your taste and needs. Why not treat yourself?

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