Reasons to Purchase Security Cameras for Your Business

Reasons to Purchase Security Cameras for Your BusinessMaking a profit in the business world is tough enough these days without unnecessarily losing money or productivity.  Theft of physical property, fraudulent insurance claims, financial impropriety, and simple employee inefficiency can detract from a company’s overall mission.  Luckily, there are various ways to enhance a company’s security.  Depending on the budget for security, a firm might require background checks, install alarm systems, or limit access to certain areas of the facility.  One of the more interesting advances in recent years is a system of IP cameras, or internet protocol cameras.

These are digital surveillance cameras connected to a computer network which can be viewed remotely via the internet. With an indoor security camera and a good internet connection, a company manager can monitor a specific facility from a different building, or even from home.   Of course, a company manager may do a cost benefit analysis to determine if an investment in a security system is a good choice.  They will likely find multiple reasons to purchase such a system.

Worker’s Compensation Claims

One reason to purchase a network of surveillance cameras is to monitor situations around worker’s compensation insurance.  Millions of dollars in workers compensation claims are paid every year, and occasionally the system is abused.  So when claims are placed, companies need to investigate to determine if the injury was actually sustained at work.  With an indoor security camera, a company can review footage of its warehouses, offices, and productions lines and subsequently determine when an accident might have occurred.  If it didn’t occur, claims won’t have to be paid, and the company will save money.  If an injury did occur, the company can look for ways to improve its safety procedures.  Either way, a system of security cameras can be an effective tool to deal with worker’s compensation claims.

Finding Property Crimes

Thefts occur in businesses with cash on hand and merchandise people value.  It can happen at any level of business, from something as small as a gas station up to a large bank.  Stealing might take the form of common thieves robbing the cash from a till or a crew swiping boxes of high tech merchandise from a warehouse bay.  A set of IP cameras in strategic locations can provide high resolution images that can help show particular times frames.  Because digital surveillance cameras can be adjusted to record only when they sense sound or movement, there is minimal wasted footage.  This can help police find and prosecute criminals and minimize profit loss from theft.

Checking Employee Productivity

When the boss is away, sometimes the workers will play.  IP cameras like webcams can help mitigate problems from such a work environment that is common in large companies.  And they don’t have to be as obvious as the boxy old style closed circuit TV cameras in the corner of a room.  A digital security camera can now come in a range of disguised looks.  These include the following:

  • Coat hooks
  • Smoke alarms
  • Tissue dispensers
  • Alarm clocks

With such clever disguises, cameras can be paced in high traffic areas without suspicion.  If a supervisor suspects someone of poor behavior, he will be able to scan footage from the camera and see who is goofing off at the water cooler, or who comes late to work repeatedly.  It might also help a manager see work flow inefficiencies in a certain department.

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