A Rainbow-Colored Promise: An Alternative to the Traditional White Diamond Engagement Ring

A Rainbow-Colored Promise - An Alternative to the Traditional White Diamond Engagement RingProposing to the person you love can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments in your life. For the uberly romantic at heart, they would have to pick the perfect setting and wait for just the right moment to propose. And let’s not forget, the time and effort it would take to choose the sparkler that would reflect your promise of forever. For some, choosing the perfect ring to propose with means selecting the biggest and the brightest.

It is not always true that biggest and brightest is the best. Sometimes, you have to take into consideration, the personality of your partner and the type of jewelry that she would actually wear. If your sweetheart is the unconventional type, then all the more reason to explore unique choices that go beyond traditional.

Here are some colorful suggestions that might be better than the usual white diamond.

Pink Diamond

Pink has always been considered a girly and feminine color. More so when translated to diamond rings. Pink diamond rings have become a popular choice for celebrities like Blake Lively, who is now married to Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds eschewed the traditional white diamond in favor of a 12-carat pink diamond ring–purportedly worth $2 million–which he proposed to Lively with. Back in their famous Bennifer days, Ben Affleck proposed to then love Jennifer Lopez with a 6.1-carat pale pink Harry Winston diamond. That relationship, however, didn’t last and they went on to marry other people–Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony. Another famous celebrity with a pink sparkler is Anna Kournikova, who received an 11-carat pink diamond engagement ring from longtime love Enrique Iglesias. Kate Bosworth joins the pink diamond bandwagon with her square cut engagement ring from Michael Polish, whom she recently married.

Yellow Diamond

Another color that is making popular rounds in the engagement ring arena is the yellow diamond. Carrie Underwood’s now husband, Mike Fisher, proposed to her in late 2009 with a 5-plus carat yellow diamond ring estimated to be worth around $150,000. For former couple Seal and Heidi Klum, a 10-carat canary diamond sealed the deal in their engagement. The yellow sparkler, which Seal co-designed with jeweler Lorraine Schwartz–has an estimated worth of $150,000. When David Beckham first proposed to Victoria, he did so with 3-carat marquise-cut diamond. This modest ring, however, has now been upgraded to a huge cushion cut yellow diamond ring. Other celebrities who are part of the yellow diamond bandwagon include Rebecca Romijn, Paris Hilton, Kelly Clarkson, and Adele.

Black Diamond

Carrie Bradshaw first rocked this black sparkler in the movie, Sex and the City 2. Although the badass stone may not appeal to all, but on some women, it looks just right. A black diamond solitaire ring may have been a less traditional choice, but Carmen Electra has chosen the perfect ring to suit her style. Kat Von D is another celebrity who has opted for a black sparkler when she got engaged.

Champagne Diamond

Champagne colored diamonds are also known as brown diamonds. Although this hue is less popular than other diamond hues, it is slowly becoming a trend. At the 2012 Tony awards, Sheryl Crow wore a stunning champagne cougar diamond on her finger. In the arena of love, Dax Shepard presented his lady love Kristen Bell, with a gorgeous champagne diamond engagement ring that is accented with platinum and dainty white diamonds. This beautiful rock is sure to help steal your beloved’s heart and convince her to say “I do.”

If you’re having trouble which color or style of ring to choose, you can get some ideas from browsing through sites like David Yurman. Don’t be in a rush when buying an engagement. Shop around and compare. If you know your special someone well enough, then you would know the perfect ring that would suit her best.

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