Are Mugs a Boring Gift Option?

Are Mugs a Boring Gift Option?Although birthdays and the Christmas season are joyful times, nobody said they were ever going to be easy – especially when it comes to buying presents! Unlike babies are small children, who will usually be happy with anything you buy them, older people’s presents require thought, dedication and sometimes cash you’re not willing to part with. Furthermore, with so many other people buying presents too, how do your make yours stand out?

It’s not even December, and the television adverts have already started advertising the latest gift ideas for Christmas. From gadgets to luxury perfumes, cheap holidays to music and film, the wealth of choice on our high streets has never been so big, begging the question – where are you even supposed to begin?


Setting yourself a responsible and practical budget is without doubt the first place to start when it comes to Christmas shopping. Without a budget to keep your finances in check, you’ll probably end up spending more than you wanted, leaving less money spare for things you need. If you’re only buying for one or two people, then you should be able to afford a high-end gift, or something that’s personalised.

However if you’re buying for loads of family members, sometimes the best gift (and most practical for your budget) will be one they can all enjoy and share. Whether it’s a new family pet, a few bottles of wine for the Christmas table or the latest DVD you can all watch together, be smart this season and keep an eye on your finances!

The Right Gift For The Right Person

Another great way to keep your Christmas shopping on track is to ensure you get the right gifts for the right person. For example, there’s no point in spending more on a work colleague than your parents or another loved one. If you do, you’ll have less to fork out on the people that matter most, instead of trying to impress the people that matter the least. If you really have to buy work colleagues presents, whether they’re your boss or a friend, personalised mugs really are a great gift option. Not only are they cheap, but they’re also customisable, meaning you can add a personal touch with the click of a button online – check out for all the latest designs!

From pictures to sound effects, buying a mug for a Christmas present isn’t a boring gift option at all, and because of the easy personalisation available, each mug and be specific, no matter who you’re buying for. For your boss, why not add a picture of a recent work retreat, or an office joke they’ll be familiar with. You could even make it a ‘thank-you’ mug; there’s no way they can dislike ‘the best boss in the world’ mug! Furthermore, mugs always go walkabout in the office space, so your own personal mug at your desk will allow you to have your favourite beverage while others are looking for a spare cup!

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