Grown Up Glass…with Chalkboard Paint!

Grown Up Glass...with Chalkboard Paint!It’s been said that ‘all things old become new again.’ If they were referring to old-school chalkboards, they would be right…with a modern twist.

Since someone figured out a way to bottle up this magic writing surface into a DIY jar of paint, creating your own chalkboards out of everything has taken the crafting world by storm. And not to be outdone, home décor and holiday entertaining are getting in on the action!

In short, chalkboard paint is no longer just for kids or scholastic institutions!

Here’s a bit more on the wealth of chalkboard paint possibilities and some ways to implement the product in your own grown up projects using chalkboard paint on glass and mirrors.

Chalk it Up to Fun

One of the best parts about chalkboard paint is the fun factor: There’s something so satisfying about creating a writable surface where it didn’t exist before and then being able to reinvent it time and time again with a simple swipe of a rag!

With that in mind, what better way to utilize such a fun product than in a fun social gathering? And with the holidays getting in gear, keep your parties merry and manageable by incorporating chalkboard paint to meet some of your entertaining needs.

Some of those awesome party ideas include:

  • Paint the base of wine glasses to create individual ‘name tags’ on the glasses. Have your guests grab a glass and the chalk color of their choice to personalize their glasses when they arrive. After the party, all you need to do are wipe away the names, wash the glasses and store them for your next gathering!
  • If you are using glass platters, paint swatches of chalkboard paint to identify what you are serving to your guests.
  • A great multi-purpose use for chalkboard paint involves a mirror. Paint a wide border around a frame-less mirror so that you can create your own ‘frames’ to suit your current décor or changing seasons. When you have parties, you can customize the frame to match the mood or spirit of the celebration. For example, for Christmas, draw little trees; for Valentine’s, little hearts; for Easter, it’s gotta be bunnies and eggs…you get the picture (literally!).

Storage, Organization & Small Business Uses

Another great aspect of chalkboard paint is the potential to aid your organization and efficiency efforts with a bit of unexpected flair.

Storage & Organization

  • Paint the sides of glass jars or canisters with labels that you can change as easily as you change the contents of the containers. This is great for labeling mason jars with canned preserves or glass kitchen canisters that hold your flour and your powdered sugar: Never confuse the two again!

Small Business

  • If you run a retail outlet, consider painting a chalkboard paint border around a mirror where you can write notes about sales or discounts patrons can find throughout the store.
  • If you use glass shelves for displaying your wares, paint little labels on the edge or sides of the glass for identifying your goods. Not only does this make products (and prices) easier to identify from the customer’s perspective but it keeps your employees in line when re-stocking the shelves!

What are some of the fresh ways you’ve seen chalkboard paint used in modern organization or décor applications?

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