Family Bonding: Thanksgiving Activities to Do with Kids

Family Bonding - Thanksgiving Activities to Do with KidsOne of the most anticipated celebrations of the year is Thanksgiving. It is the time when we celebrate and give thanks for all the blessings as well as the good harvest in the past months. Indeed it is a festive day.

Make your Thanksgiving more fun and memorable for the kids. Oftentimes, these little ones are neglected because the older ones are busy preparing for this holiday celebration. But isn’t it nice to see the whole family help each other preparing for this event? Or isn’t joyful to witness the entire family enjoying the Thanksgiving party? Celebrating the event is sure a perfect bonding moment.

There are so many Thanksgiving activities to do with kids. Think of what they want and integrate it with the event.

Art you Ready?

Are your kids good in arts and crafts? Do they have a very imaginative minds? Do they love to paint? Take advantage of their talents by creating Thanksgiving inspired art pieces. After your Thanksgiving dinner, gather your kids in the living room and bring in some arts and crafts materials such as construction papers (preferably autumn shades like brown, tan and orange), scissors and glue.

What to do: Make your own version of Thanksgiving turkey with the use of hands and feet tracings. Ask your children to trace their palms and feet on the construction paper then cut the shapes. Arrange and glue the feet tracings to form the body while the hand shapes will serve as the feathers. Cut a diamond shape for the beak.

Kids will surely enjoy this activity as they can exhibit their creativity. There are other projects you can experiment with your little ones like turkey piñata and autumn leaves turkey. Display your kids’ crafts and brag them to your guests.

Games, Games, Games!

Ask your entire family to participate in Thanksgiving inspired games. Think of games that can make your little children scream, laugh hard and giggle. Those games that can remind them of that day and look forward to next year’s Thanksgiving.

What to do: Play the turkey bowling game. This game is very simple but you can put a twist on the rule to make it more fun. For instance, you can set a rule that whoever hits a strike will have a prize from you. Or you may offer a prize for each strike. Thus, whoever got the highest number of strikes will get more prizes. Another game you can enjoy is the Turkey Football. Both of these games can be downloaded into the tablet.

If you want a more active game, you may go for a turkey hunting or finding the turkey activity. This game is pretty simple. All you need to do is buy images of turkeys and hide them in different parts of the living room, dining room and bedroom. After dinner, ask the kids to find as many turkeys as possible. You may give clues on where they are hidden. The one with the most numbers of turkeys will win and earn a prize.

Pirates of the Kitchen

Most of the Thanksgiving activities to with kids are usually carried out after dinner. Indeed, they are fun things to do before culminating the event. If you want your kids to be involved in the entire event, you may ask them to join you in the kitchen to prepare the food.

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What to do: Let them invade your kitchen. Have them pick their favorite menu and prepare it together. Try to add a touch of Thanksgiving theme on whatever food they chose. You may bake turkey cookies, turkey muffins and turkey nuggets. If your little ones are picky, this is a perfect activity to do.

Set a picnic table in your yard and set the food. Have your entire family savor a sumptuous meal outdoor to make your Thanksgiving dinner more memorable. Do not worry. There are tables that can accommodate a big family like those from the Picnic Tables, if that is your problem. Therefore, you and your kids can spend quality time together in this special day.

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