How Content Marketing Helps Build Influence

Anyone who enters your business comes away knowing that you’re a pro–the best at what you do. But what about the people who never make it through your doors? How can you dazzle them with your wealth of knowledge and earn their custom if you never meet? That’s easy. Engage in one of the most effective marketing techniques of the twenty-first century–content marketing.

How Content Marketing Helps Build Influence

In case you’re unfamiliar with this all important term, “content marketing” involves creating quality online content that will educate and entertain your clientele, earn their trust, and, if all goes according to plan, motivate them to choose your products or services. It’s really not complicated at all.

Why Does Content Marketing Work?

1. You solve problems

The lion loved Androcles because he took a thorn out of its paw. Potential customers will be equally grateful to you for offering them a solution to their own problems and queries. If your product or service provides the perfect answer, you will win new clientele, positive word-of-mouth, and a reputation for caring about the public that you serve.

2. You are the expert

Over the years, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, and countless other “experts” have been welcomed into the living rooms of adoring fans who take their every word as gospel. Thankfully, you don’t have to have your own television show to become known as the authority in your field. By generating insightful content filled with accurate, important, verifiable, and “exclusive to your site” information, you can solidify your place as the “go to” person in your field and secure a stellar online reputation.

3. You are consistent

By consistently generating great content, you will develop a legion of loyal followers who will actually anticipate your latest offerings. By becoming a reliable source of information, they will perceive you as dependable. And if they can count on you to deliver quality content, they will feel that they can rely on you to deliver great service too.

4. You stir up emotion

Many purchases are motivated by emotions. By reaching out to your online audience via your content, you are able to evoke an emotional response from your readers–an emotion that can only be satisfied by acting. And if you have crafted your content well, that action will involve acquiring your services or products.

5. You can be trusted

By engaging your readers through clever content, you are becoming more than a nameless, faceless company. Awesome content has the power to transform you into someone they feel like they know and trust–someone with whom they’d feel comfortable doing business.

6. You can be reached

This online conversation is not a one-way street with you doing all the talking. By enabling your followers to respond to your content, you are creating a valuable exchange that will help you learn priceless information about your customer’s needs, enable them to ask you questions directly, and do wonders in forming a positive relationship.

Don’t wait for your customers to come to you to be dazzled. Captivate them where they are–on their laptops, their tablets, and their mobile phones. Content marketing is a cheap and effective way to win their respect–and get them through your company’s door.

How has content marketing proved effective for your business?

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