Celebrities We Want to See Judge ‘American Idol’

Celebrities We Want to See Judge 'American Idol'Simon was blunt and mean but on point with his assessments. Randy was supportive and honest. Paula was just kind of weird. Together, the three original “American Idol” judges made the show a hit. For six seasons the show ruled the airways with its original judges doling out advice, encouragement and sometime scathing critics.

And then everything changed.

Since the eighth season, “American Idol” has been playing musical chairs (literally) with its judges.
Steven Tyler and Ellen DeGeneres each took a turn. So did Keith Urban (who’s still there) and Nicki Minaj. And who could forget Mariah Carey, she of the few words and even fewer opinions?

Now, as “Idol” prepares to launch into its 13th season, the question everyone has been asking is: “Who should judge the show?”

Everyone has an opinion. Some say a Simon-like character who’s not afraid to mix it up is needed. Others want star power and insist big-time musicians make the best judges. The truth is somewhere in between.

Here are three celebrities who should be hired as “American Idol” judges sometime in the near future:

Jimmy Buffett

Before you roll your eyes and ask what a singer-songwriter with 1.5 hits would know about finding the next “American Idol,” consider this: Perhaps no one in America knows more about making it big in the music industry than Jimmy Buffett.

Believe it or not, Buffett is a lot like today’s stars: He’s not the best singer or musician, but he sure can sell an image.

He’s been riding the wave of his laid-back, beach bum image for about 40 years. He writes simple, catchy tunes that resonate with people from all walks of life. He sells escapism – through a margarita, a distant shore where nobody knows you and a slightly deviant, booze-filled lifestyle.

In other words, he’s just like some of the top-selling artists of today. (Looking at you, Miley Cyrus). Buffett would bring something different to the judges’ table. He wouldn’t just be focused on a singer’s singing abilities. He’d look at the entire package – the look, the sentiment and the possible licensing agreements. And, as artists like Justin Bieber and Colt Ford have demonstrated, selling the idea (even if it’s just the idea of talent) is a lot more important than actually having any.

Howard Stern

Sure, he’s a judge on “America’s Got Talent”, but he’d be a lot better served (and so would viewers) if he were on “Idol.”

Stern is a self-made star (like Buffett), so he understands the hard work and dedication it takes to make it to the top. He’s also been around forever, so he knows that bubble gum pop acts come and go, but the acts that become superstars bring something unique to the table – like Stern’s cutting wit, honesty and ability to remain likable even while ripping someone to shreds.

Stern can be mean, but he’s also remarkably likable. It’s a trait he shares with Simon Cowell and something that “American Idol” desperately needs. If a performer is atrocious, the show needs someone to say so, and not in a veiled, passive-aggressive way, either. Someone needs to be able to say, “You’re atrocious,” and then smile.

Stern can do just that, especially when he’s listening to singers. It’s hard to take him seriously when he’s remarking on someone who’s juggling chainsaws over an infant on Talent. He should make the move to “Idol.”

George W. Bush

Think about it for a second and it will make perfect sense. The former president probably isn’t really doing anything right now, save for painting pictures of his dogs. Like Paula Abdul, he has a good heart and he’s incredibly funny without actually trying to be funny. And anytime he’s on television, you never know what he’s going to say.

These are the three people “American Idol” should hire as judges that would make for great cable TV deals. Jimmy Buffett is the music industry veteran who knows what it takes to become a star. Howard Stern is the blunt but lovable judge who could thin the herd. And President George W. Bush is the nice, caring and supportive judge the show needs.

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