How to Book the Right Cruise for You and Travel Companions

How to Book the Right Cruise for You and Travel CompanionsIt is important to know that not all cruise lines offer a similar service.  Different types of cruises can range from small adventure cruises to the Antarctic to mega cruise ships that float around the Caribbean.  Know what kind of experience you would like when researching your next cruise, and plan accordingly.

Considerations when Booking a Cruise in the United States and Abroad

Initially researching and booking a cruise is often the most straightforward part of the vacation planning process. A few simple tips can help make cruises easier for everyone, especially when embarking from a port on a different continent.  Little things such as lost luggage can turn a great cruise into a tension convention.

Three Essential Traveling Tips

Listed below are three essential traveling tips.  Almost everyone should practice these when doing much more than visiting a relative over the holidays:

Tip 1:  Resist the Urge to Check Luggage

Carrying on your bags can be a lifesaver, especially when traveling to a distant country.  Only having carry-on luggage can help in the event you are on a time crunch or need to catch a different plane.  Checking luggage can be risky.  On many third-world airlines, such as one a dissatisfied customer nicknamed “Luggage In Another Terminal,” checking bags is essentially asking for a headache.  Throw your large bag in the dumpster at the airport to avoid stressing about lost luggage during your vacation.  Remember that buying items while on vacation is a large part of the fun, and the concept of laundry is global.

Tip 2:  Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst When Flying the Friendly Skies

Planes get delayed.  Planes are cancelled.  Planes sometimes fail to show up.  And, there is nothing you can do about it.  Adopt an attitude of learned helplessness when flying.  Give yourself an extra day to get to your cruise to avoid panicking due to a lengthy t-storm in Chicago.  Remember that most gate agents do not want you stuck at an airport any more than you want to be stuck there.

Tip 3:  Always Carry Some Cash and Tip

The American Dollar is often used as an international language.  Many travel guides say that tipping is frowned upon in foreign countries.  No matter what godforsaken land you are in, be a 20% tipper.  You will likely get better service.  Almost no bartender or bellboy will be offended by a small gesture of kindness.

The Difference Between a Trip and a Vacation

Trips and vacations are often markedly different experiences.  People that enjoy going on trips typically look for the following in a cruise:

  • A marked sense of adventure
  • An exotic location
  • A chance to explore a largely untouched or remote part of the planet
  • Drinkable water and food

On the other hand, people that enjoy going on vacations typically look for a very different cruise experience that includes some of the items listed below:

  • Ready access to a comfortable room with a private bath
  • A fun location that is usually warm
  • A chance to unwind while reading a good book or magazine
  • A nice selection of food and beverages, preferably with optional room service

It is possible to allow the travelers and the vacationers to be happy on the same boat.  Look for a cruise that is adventuresome but not too rugged.  Then, sweeten the deal with a few days at a resort or luxury hotel near the port where the cruise will depart from.  Cruises often depart from ports near major cities including Vancouver and Miami.  Keep your travel companions happy from the start.  After all, you will be on the same boat as them for a number of days.

Takeaway Tips for Cruise Planning

Think about something that everyone will enjoy, and plan a little extra travel time in the event of unforeseen transportation issues.  Most important, enjoy yourself.  Once all planning is done, prepare to reconnect with loved ones and experience the cruise of a lifetime.

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