5 Romantic Gifts for Your Man

5 Romantic Gifts for Your ManPicking out gifts for men is hard, especially when it comes to romantic gifts. A quick search for romantic gifts will generally bring up pictures of flowers, chocolates and jewelry, but those sorts of things aren’t generally what gets your husband or boyfriend excited for a special occasion. Men want something, well, a little more manly. Thankfully there is one thing men and women have in common in this department. Both genders find the most romantic gifts to be those that were specifically selected for them based on their interests and preferred expression of love.

While this could mean spending thousands of dollars on new golf clubs, it generally means getting away from the gift catalog and paying attention to what’s important to your man. To get your ideas rolling, let’s look at a couple ideas.

1. Guilt-Free Time on a Favorite Hobby

Let’s face it. We love having our guy pay attention to us and dote on us, but often that leaves our man with little time to pursue his other interests. We also tend to be guilty of getting after our man for spending too much time playing sports, hanging with the guys, playing video games or whatever his preferred activity happens to be. The problem with this is that alone time is necessary for every relationship and is an important stress release. So give your man some free time and help to make it happen. Perhaps you could give him a night once a week to himself or get him that new gaming console. Just make sure it’s what he wants to do not what you want him to do.

2. Letters of Appreciation

Alright, so being told I love you may stereotypically be what women are looking for rather than men, but for some guys, hearing that they are appreciated is incredibly important. If your man happens to be one of those guys, writing a letter to your husband/boyfriend about everything you appreciate about him could be one of the best gifts he ever receives. There are tons of creative ideas out there for how to deliver this gift, but the most important part is that your words are meaningful.

3. Notice Something He Loves

Is there something your guy always stops and looks at in the mall, something that you know he loves but doesn’t actually buy? Or does he have a favorite item that is getting rundown and could be repaired, such as a watch or favorite pair of jeans. Renting a movie or going to a restaurant or ball game that you hate but he loves would also fall into this category. Knowing that you were willing to sacrifice for him with a positive attitude makes a gift that much sweeter.

4. Spice Things Up

When you have been in a relationship for a while, things tend to start getting routine and bland. Think about when you first started dating. Did you just throw on jeans and a T-shirt when he was coming over? Of course not. Getting ready was a half day affair. Bring some of that spark back by really dressing up for your next date night, and yes that includes the sexy lingerie underneath. Sure, it’s not as comfortable as sweat pants, but it’s a gift for him not for you. Plus, feeling pretty will help you to spice things up in the bedroom as well. Try something different, such as decorating the bedroom, creating a bed on the floor or even getting a bedroom game. If medical issues have become a problem, look for a solution such as premature ejaculation treatment. Just be sure to be tactful when giving such products.

5. Break the Routine

Perhaps the daily workload has gotten boring, or he is feeling overworked. If this is the case, a weekend relaxing in a hotel, a surprise weeknight activity or even a trip to Vegas could be the most romantic gift ever. The key here is to make sure there aren’t other plans or responsibilities that your surprise will mess up or cause extra strain. Do this by booking your lover for an important but terribly dull task and then surprise them with something much more exciting.

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