5 Best Books to Read this Winter

5 Best Books to Read this WinterAs the cold chill of winter sets in we naturally retreat to the warmth of our houses. Winter is the perfect time to dive into an adventure, read a little history or enjoy some romance, so if you are looking for some ideas consider these five books.

1. The Diamond Seekers- Jack Everett and David Coles

Published last year, this historical adventure has received rave reviews. In the novel, a courier from a crime family discovers that he’s being followed by a rival assassin, so he takes a detour through the English countryside and hides the stash of blood diamonds that he is carrying. Unfortunately, the courier dies and the pursuer crashes into a family, of which only the father, who happens to be an MI5 cipher expert, survives. The story follows the crime family’s pursuit of its lost diamonds and is filled with kidnappings, spy work and (of course) murder.

2. North and South- Elizabeth Gaskell

If you prefer your historical novels to focus on social issues, rather than murders, with drama and romance thrown in, than North and South is the novel for you. In the novel, Margaret Hale’s father leaves his job in Hampshire and moves the family up north to the industrial town of Milton. Margaret is not impressed by her new surroundings but becomes interested in the working conditions of workers in the local mill. At the same time, she starts to develop an attraction to the mill’s owner.

3. The Exile of Sara Stevenson- Darci Hannah

One of those books you will either love or not, Darci Hannah provides a good dose of history, fantasy and romance in The Exile of Sara Stevenson. In the novel, a privileged daughter of a lighthouse designer falls in love with a common sailor, and the two decide to elope. Unfortunately, Sara’s lover disappears on the day of the elopement, and the heartbroken Sara, who is also pregnant, is sent by her family to live in a lighthouse. In her exile, Sara starts to become attracted to the light-keeper until she receives a mysterious package that traveled time and space with clues to her lover’s whereabouts.

4. David and Goliath- Malcolm Gladwell

If you’re a Gladwell fan, you’ll want to select his latest book, David and Goliath, as your nonfiction piece for this winter. In the book, Gladwell explores the ways in which the small can defeat the giants and how our goals determine our own sense of success.

5. Quiet- Susan Cain

Whether you like psychology, science or just plain people, Quiet is a great book to better understand the introverts in your life, or even the introvert inside yourself. In her book, Cain dives into the many contributions introverts have made, from Van Gogh to Rosa parks. The book explores our own cultural emphasis on being an extrovert and the unique qualities introverts have to offer including in leadership.

Since we are spending more time indoors, winter is the perfect time to snuggle up in some nice fleece fabric for blankets and delve into that reading list that was abandoned all summer for barbeques and outdoor fun.

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