10 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Summer

10 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For SummerSummer can be a busy time in the garden. When summer tempts us outside to enjoy the warm weather with BBQs and family gatherings, it’s nice to have a beautiful garden to enjoy it in.

Here are 10 tips to make sure your garden will be at its best for summer.

1. Tidy up

Do the weeding, pruning and mowing. Pull out the bindi weeds in spring, before they get hard and sharp, then mow regularly (it’ll make your lawn grow better).A spring clean for your garden will give you instant satisfaction and give you space to dream up new plans.

2. Feed your garden

Fertilise your garden with quality fertiliser or manure. Fertilising in spring will give your plants a boost so they’ll look great in summer. There are plenty of different types of fertiliser, including slow-release fertilisers, seaweed fertilisers and cow manure. Head down to your local nursery and find out what’s appropriate for your garden.

3. Mulch up

Prepare your garden for the heat by giving it a good dose of mulch. You can buy hay or lucerne, or make your own from leaves and other organic matter. Mulch will protect your soil from the sun and retain moisture, so your plants don’t dry out. It’ll also help to encourage worms – a garden’s best friends!

4. Buy plants you love

Always buy plants you love – you’re more likely to look after them while you’re fawning over them. Choose plants that are suitable for their position in your garden.

5. Go native

Native plants are usually beautiful, hardy and drought tolerant. Choose some natives to add an Australian touch to your garden. Bottle brush, banksia, wattle and grevillia are popular choices and they encourage native birds into your garden.

6. Veggie Patch 101: Plant in spring

Plant your veggies in spring! Get your herbs in so your summer salads will always have a fresh touch. Check which vegetables are suitable for your climate then start sowing. If you need to prepare a garden bed for your vegetables, get some advice on how to prepare the soil and be prepared for regular watering.

7. Plant perennials

Perennials grow all year round and are great to keep your garden looking healthy. Mix them with flowering annuals, which will give your garden lots of colour.

8. Get ready for entertaining

Dust off your outdoor table and chairs, and spruce up your backyard for summer parties. Perhaps you could buy some hanging plants, pot plants or garden ornaments to add some warmth? Or maybe you need a bigger BBQ for those summer parties or family gatherings.

9. Buy lights

Beautiful lights always add a special atmosphere to your garden parties. LEDs look great and use less energy. Get creative and see what you can light up!

10. Get composting

Composting is great for the environment and it provides food for your garden! Buy or build a compost bin and get composting so your garden has food in time for summer.

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