A Truly Meaningful Ring with a Beautiful Story of Love

A Truly Meaningful Ring with a Beautiful Story of LoveThe Irish are known for their strong loyalty to their country. When you chance upon Irish people in different countries, you will probably see them wearing something that represents their Irish pride.

Since they are spread out in many different parts of the world, it seems like Irish pride has also transcended to other citizens.

This is the reason why many Irish symbols such as the four-leaf clover that symbolizes luck, the Celtic cross, the leprechaun and St. Patrick are of great interest to many people.

One of the most popular Irish symbols that have caught the hearts of both Irish and non-Irish alike is the Claddagh ring.

What is the legend of the Claddagh ring?

The story of how this ring came about started around five centuries ago in a tiny fishing village called Claddagh. One day when a young man named Richard together with his family went fishing he was captured by Spanish pirates and sold to slavery. He was the most distraught of those captured because he had just met his one true love. Throughout the years that he was in slavery he stole small bits of gold from his masters until he was finally able to form a ring. Legend does not really say how he was able to escape but he eventually returned to his ladylove bearing the ring that took him years to make. This is how the Claddagh ring was born. It has grown in popularity over the years not only in Ireland but in other parts of the world as well.

What are the unique characteristics of the Claddagh ring?

You will know that it is a Claddagh ring if you see two hands clasping a tiny heart both of which are surrounded by a crown. If you receive this ring from a significant other you know that you mean a lot to that person because the three elements have their own symbolisms. The heart symbolizes love, the hands symbolize friendship and the crown symbolizes royalty. They may be available in many different designs and styles but a Claddagh ring will always have these three elements.

How do you wear a Claddagh ring?

It is said that there are proper ways to wear this ring and how you wear it actually describes your romantic availability. For a person who is in a relationship but is not yet engaged or married, she should wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing inward. This goes to show that the heart is already taken. If you are a married person, the heart should still face inward to show that it is already taken but the ring should be worn on the left hand. Single persons should wear this ring on his or her right finger but with the heart facing outward to show that it is still available. For engaged persons, they should wear this ring on their left hand but with the heart facing outward to show that although she is committed, the knot has not yet been tied.

Where can you find beautifully crafted Claddagh rings?

While there are many jewelers that offer this type of ring, one of the best places to get one is from Irish Blessings www.irishindeed.com. This company offers all kinds of Irish-inspired products made by people who truly love being Irish. Irish Blessings has a wide variety of rings available such as rings with gemstone hearts and sterling silver birthstone Claddagh rings. Here you will truly find a design that will suit your loved one’s style and taste.

Article written by Mike Russell

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