Top 10 Most Useful Wedding Gifts

Ah, the wedding gift conundrum. Do you give the bride and groom cold hard cash or should you buy a few basic items from their gift registry? Coming up with memorable and meaningful wedding gifts doesn’t have to be stressful. While the thrill of receiving a card filled with money is always a joyful moment, Personal Creations bestselling wedding gifts brings together only the best for the bride and groom that they will treasure throughout their union.

Typically, the best wedding presents include useful home furnishings or specialized items that complement the interests of the bride and groom. If you need help finding the perfect gift, we’ve come up with 10 wow-worthy gift ideas that the happy couple will cherish, enjoy and use.

Top 10 Most Useful Wedding Gifts

For the Kitchen

1. A set of monogrammed drinking glasses or mugsYes, most bride and grooms prefer that you buy gifts from their registry. Instead of selecting the standard highball glasses and ceramic mugs, go the extra mile and add have the couple’s initials carved into their everyday glassware.

In fact, a glass of wine, or a cup of espresso, looks festive in a personalized set of glasses or mugs. By having their preferred registry items engraved or etched, you can make the items specialized and add the personal touch to their wedding gifts.

2. A set of silver plate, stainless steel or sterling silver flatwareWhether the couple sets the table each evening for a formal dinner, or eats their meals on the couch, a beautiful set of flatware is a household essential. The basic set of flatware includes: dinner and salad forks, a dinner knife, a teaspoon and a soup spoon.

To brighten the couple’s dining room or kitchen table give a set of gorgeous stainless steel or silver plate flatware featured colored handles or a unique design. A timeless set of sterling silver flatware is expensive, but the bride and groom can pass down these kitchen essentials to future generations as a treasured family heirloom.

3. Stainless steel bowlsWhether you want to unleash your inner Julia Child, Emeril Lagasse or Bobby Flay, a home chef needs the proper cooking and baking tools to prepare delicious meals.

Nothing is better for the couple who loves to spend time in the kitchen together than a set of stainless steel bowls. These bowls are nonreactive and nonporous, so they resist scratching and denting.

A high-quality set of bowls will last forever and will still look beautiful on the kitchen countertop after many years of use.

For the Living Room

4. Framed prints or photographsTo give a new living room life, select colorful prints and personal photographs as special wedding giftsIf you are familiar with the bride and groom’s taste, have the couple’s favorite piece of art or their personal photos framed with matting to give their artwork a polished and clean look.

You can also give the couple three or four small cherished photographs as a gift, instead of one piece of art. A group of small silver framed photos will decorate living room credenzas and over-the-fireplace mantels too.

5. A cashmere blanket or throw: The couch is the crown jewel of the living room. To decorate this showpiece beautifully, the bride and groom will need luxurious décor elements such as pillows and throws.

Nothing says living room luxury like a soft, decadent and sumptuous cashmere blanket draped over the edge of a couch. A warm and cozy cashmere throw will wrap the happy couple in comfort while they have a romantic evening in front of the fireplace or snuggle together in front of the television.

To select a comfortable throw that complements the couple’s home décor, look to the bridal registry for color clues and style hints.

Wedding Gifts

For the Dining Room

6. Tiered serving platter or Hors d’ouerves trayWhen you are serving food, presentation is everything. And a selection of serving platters makes entertaining at home easy.

To help the happy couple serve meals in style, add a silver, 3-tiered serving platter or a white, porcelain tray to their collection of serving dishes. When the couple has an intimate dinner party with friends, they can load the serving dishes up with cheese, fruit and crackers or even petit fours and cupcakes.

For outdoor parties the couple can use their gifted serving dishes to carry appetizers and meal options from the kitchen to the patio.

For the Patio

7. Outdoor beverage tub: Regardless of the occasion, a bucket of beverages sets the tone for a fun and festive event. Help the bride and groom enjoy their outdoor meals with a gift that is perfect for a picnic in the park or a backyard barbecue bash.

For an outdoor summer party the happy couple can set mason-jar filled lemonade or alcoholic beverages in a galvanized beverage tub for a fun-filled end of summer picnic or Fourth of July celebration.

8. Set of grilling tools and a monogrammed apronFor the couple who loves summer entertaining, an outdoor grill is a crowd favorite. A monogrammed apron and a set of grilling tools give your friends and excuse to fire up the grill year-round. To help you select the perfect tools, here is a list of grilling essentials that every couple needs:

  • Large spatula
  • Wire cleaning brush
  • Long grilling mitts
  • Long-handled forks
  • Skewers
  • Digital thermometer
  • Basting brushes
  • Metal tongs

For the Bathroom

9. Monogrammed bathrobesA fluffy cotton or terry cloth bathrobe adds a spa element to a couple’s daily bathing or showering routine. Splurge on the silkiest and softest robes that you can afford to pamper your friends with this useful gift idea.

Make sure to add a monogram to the robes to add a personal touch. For added flair, slip two spa gift certificates in the robes’ pockets to help the couple pamper themselves and de-stress after the wedding.

10. A set of plush washcloths and towelsTowels are more than just instruments for bathing, showering and drying-off. These heavy-duty linens are household essentials and make fantastic wedding gifts.

Because these heavy-duty items are one of the most used linens in any couple’s bathroom, choose thick and weighty washcloths, bath sheets and towels, instead of thin and flimsy options.

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