Top 10 Healthy Mid Day Snacks

When the afternoon comes around it is very easy to slip into an unhealthy snacking routine. Before, during, and right after lunch, it is hard to resist the regular cast of nefarious characters: chocolate bars, donuts, fried chicken sandwiches, and heavy caesar salads.

Not only are these option unhealthy, they will also slow you down – not something you want when looking for a mid day fill-up. Whether you’re on a diet or just interested in eating healthy we recommend sticking to snacks that give you a boost of energy and fill you up at the same time.

Here are the top 5 healthy mid day snacks. Eat up..

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1/2 Cantaloupe – Not too sweet, totally filling, and very healthy. Grab a Cantaloupe on Monday and finish it by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Carrots with Hummus – A personal favorite. This light yet substantial snack is guaranteed to fill you up.

Sliced Tomato with Feta and Olive Oil – Feeling fancy? Impress everyone you work with by enjoying a sophisticated snack that is amazingly delicious and totally healthy.

Banana – You can’t go wrong with a banana. They help against headaches and hunger.

Air-popped Popcorn – This isn’t your movie theaters’ popcorn. Grab some clean unbuttered kernels at your local supermarket and make popcorn at home the night before. You can even make extra for friends and co-workers. Fantastic snack when eaten without the fake butter often slathered on these babies at movie theaters.

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