Tips On Shopping For A New Office Chair

It may seem like an easy task, but shopping for an office chair can be more difficult than one would think; from fitting into a work space to helping its user maintain good posture and balance, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when shopping for the chair you’ll spend hours a day in. Here are five helpful tips to consider before heading out to the local office supply retailer:

Tips On Shopping For A New Office Chair

Know your size before shopping

The biggest mistake most people make when shopping for an office chair is simple: they don’t measure anything before heading out to the store. It’s easy to overlook, but is essential to finding a comfortable working seat – knowing the height and position of your office desk makes it a lot easier to find the right chair size, finding that important equilibrium for full work efficiency (and of course, being comfortable).

Measuring for a chair is simple: just measure what height the surface of one’s desk is at, and add an extra three inches to allow for minute adjustments. Getting an adjustable height chair from Staples is a great option: their in-store office section allows shoppers to sit and get a feel for a chair’s height range before buying in-store or online.

Find a sturdy base

Minimalist desk chairs can be attractive – but often, a smaller center of gravity makes for a precarious working position, forcing people to compensate by shifting weight or sitting in an uncomfortable position to keep things steady. Buying a desk chair from Quill with a sturdy base (with or without wheels) should be a must for every consumer: a bit of foot room may be sacrificed for a larger chair base, but a more even weight distribution and consistent balance makes for a much more comfortable working atmosphere.

Ergonomic = better posture

Ergonomic chairs are all the rage right now, which some might attribute to being the latest generational fad for office equipment. But there’s validity to the backbone (cymbal crash) of this design: a curved posture on the back of a desk chair allows for a more natural spine position when sitting with good posture, a two-pronged approach to keeping the backs of office workers from locking up or causing discomfort over long stretches. It also ensures consistent, healthy blood flow – just one of many healthy benefits to buying an ergonomic chair from Office Depot or other similar retailers.

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Adjustable armrests

Now, there’s some people who don’t use armrests at all: this tip is for those who enjoy having a bit of elbow room on their desk chair to relax their upper arms and shoulders during a long work day. Buy why adjustable arm rests? Chairs with low armrests cause horrible upper body posture, which can quickly lead to bad typing posture and all the wrist and hand problems that come along with it – not to mention the strain it puts on one’s shoulders when armrests are too high. Having adjustable armrests are key: they ensure that someone will always be able to have proper hand posture, whether working on a desktop computer, a laptop from Staples, or at different desk heights through the day.

Play the right angles

Our last tip is a bit of a tricky one, and sometimes, can only be found on higher-end desks: we’re talking about maintaining a consistent sight line with one’s computer screen and workspace. Let’s face it: we all change the position our desk chair is at any given time, whether swiveling around, sitting back to watch something, or leaning forward to look at the intricacies of a photograph or document. Many desks have adjustable knobs that adjust the angles of the seat and back, which allow users to maintain a consistent viewing angle. Many don’t think about it, but constantly changing angles throughout the day leads to unnecessary eye strain, especially when sitting in front of bright computer screens for eight or more hours a day.

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