There is No Such Thing as a Casual Drug User

There is No Such Thing as a Casual Drug UserWhen people who have suffered from drug addiction are questioned, a common response is one of regret, but also confusion. They might say something like “I don’t understand” or, “I just never saw it coming, it started out as a casual habit, and before I knew it, it was an addiction.” This highlights a dangerous misconception surrounding drug abuse—that of “casual” drug use. Unfortunately, this is how far too many people fall into the prison of drug addiction.

So many people are directed by curiosity; they want to see what certain substances feel like, and they mistakenly believe that just one use will be enough just for the “experience.” This panning out is extremely rare however, and it is the most common way that people fall into the spiral of addiction.

It Could Happen to You

It is true that some people have a higher tolerance for addictive substances than others. However, while this is true on rare occasions, it is far more common that even just a few casual uses of most illegal drugs can be enough to trigger the switch in your brain that demands to partake of the substance again and again.

Now matter how much you know that you shouldn’t use drugs anymore, your new dependency overrides this and your brain disposes of rational thought until it is satisfied. It is the reason why drug addiction can technically be considered a form of brain disease.

Once is Enough

The other undeniable fact is that even one drug use is dangerous enough to make “casual user” a dangerous term. Because of the illegality of most substances, there is nobody to regulate the drug trade, which means that drugs are often mixed with sometimes toxic substances in order to make more of a profit off of buyers. And the drugs themselves can be toxic with just one use.

There have been multiple instances of death as a result of just one use of ecstasy, and especially its trendy form, MDMA or “molly.” Imagine trying drugs “just once,” only for it to end up being the last time you try anything at all.

Getting Help

Recovery from drug abuse is a long and difficult road, but in western society there is a whole array of useful resources to help you with it. Drug rehab is no longer looked upon with disdain, but with hope and guidance. Revolutionary methods of rehab allow people to be comfortable, confident, and receive the support that they need from licensed professionals, and even psychiatrists who can diagnose any accompanying mental problems.

So even if you do think that you are only a “casual” drug user, take a step back and think about what kind of damage this might actually be having on your health, and what kind of danger you are really putting yourself in.

Hyrum Taffer

Hyrum Taffer

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