Supersize your Small Business with Glass and Mirrors

Supersize your Small Business with Glass and MirrorsWhen you run a small business, the last thing you want is for it to look or feel small. Of course, windows and other sources of natural light go a long way to make your space seem less small, but if you want to make it actually feel bigger, you need to go a step further.

Enter the world of glass and mirrors. These two little elements have been adding sophisticated elegance and a space-enlarging sense to room décor for quite some time now. But never before have they been more prominent in the business side of things.

From glass-topped tables and shelving units to strategically placed mirrors, the implementation of glass and mirrors as functional décor pieces in your small business is a great way to increase the dimensional feel of a room without altering the boundaries of the space itself.

Let’s take a closer look at a few simple ways to supersize your small business with glass and mirrors.

Glass Doors

Wood doors do more than provide a barrier between the outside world and your indoor spaces: they create a sense of confinement and finality that you can’t eliminate without opening the door back up, thus defeating the purpose of the door in the first place.

Fortunately, a compromise exists in the glass door. Whether you select a French-style door with multiple panels of glass or the unbroken beauty of a single piece of glass attached to the hinges by a wood or metal frame, the effect is the same. Now you have a way to keep the light streaming through the door into your space without sacrificing the safety and security provided by a functional door.

Quick Tip: For extra space enhancement, install sliding glass doors. With these self-contained entry and exit points, you no longer need to account for door clearance which eats up precious floor space inside that can now be dedicated to something much more useful.


Topping a table with a custom cut piece of glass not only creates a functional flat surface for dining (for use in a break room or lounge area) and working (conference room table or even office desk), but it also provides a transparent surface which allows light to pass through uninterrupted.

Surreal Shelving

For a final tip that blends the structural support of glass and the light reflecting qualities of a mirror, consider pairing glass shelving units with a mirror-backed bookcase or cubby wall.

This is a great way to highlight products or merchandise, arrange client binders or simply display office décor like family photos or memorabilia.

To supersize the shelving space, install LED light strips innocuously throughout the interior perimeter of the bookcase (under the individual shelves and hugging the sides around the top and base) or place a lamp on one of the shelves so that the beams bounce around the room.

DIY Dry Erase Board

Now that you’ve addressed your supersizing needs in the front of the house, let’s go behind the scenes for a DIY project that’s perfect for punching up your conference room or keeping you organized in your office: a dry erase board.

A sheet of plexiglass is a cost-effective solution to finding a board that fits exactly the space you need.

Although you can easily prop this against a wall and lay it flat whenever you need to write on it, if you prefer, you can place it in a wooden surround like a picture frame or even drill holes in the upper corners to hang it from the wall.

Quick Tip: If you do select the hanging option, be sure to drill the holes into the glass slowly to avoid cracking and a sufficient distance away from the corners. Leaving between 3″ – 6″ of space from the top and the sides should be sufficient.

A 3/8″ thick width is a good, all-purpose thickness for your sheet of plexiglass and you can have it custom cut to fit your exact specifications when you purchase it.

Quick Tip: If you have issues completely removing the marks from the dry erase markers, simply dab a rag with rubbing alcohol to get rid of the remnants.

What other ways have you seen glass and mirrors incorporated into small business spaces that makes them seem just a bit bigger?

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