Replace your Passwords with the Nymi Heartbeat Wristband

Replace your Passwords with the Nymi Heartbeat WristbandBionym, the company that developed the Nymi Heartbeat Wristband, may have found the device that allows potential wearers to simplify their lives when it comes to technology. Currently, anyone who has a computer, smartphone or even a simple ATM card has to remember several passwords – unless they have opted for the simple, risky choice of using one password across several platforms.

This wristband has the potential of allowing users to unlock all of their registered devices with no PIN or password.

What They Are

The Nymi Heartbeat Wristband is exactly that – a simple rubber wristband with a sensor that detects the wearer’s heartbeat. This device is an authentication device that is wearable, allowing owners to be “recognized” by their devices, from their smartphones to their computers, vehicles, ATM/debit cards, computers, tablets and home alarm systems.

What The Wristband Does

The wristband detects its wearer’s heartbeat, which is like his fingerprint. According to Bionym, the heartbeats of wristband users are absolutely unique and usable as a form of identification. Once the wearer’s heartbeat has been detected via an integrated electrocardiogram (ECG), the wristband powers up. He then presses one finger to the sensor on the top of the wristband, which completes the electrical circuit. The wristband vibrates, activating LEDs, which tells the wristband owner his identity has been recognized. For as long as he wears the wristband, he stays linked to all of his registered devices.

The wristband has a gyroscope and accelerometer, which recognize simple gestures. This device also contains an embedded Bluetooth, which aids connection to the wearer’s other devices and tells the device how close it is to a smartphone, for instance. Data can be transmitted without drawing too heavily on the battery. Wearers can customize notifications for social updates, emails and texts. It will work with Windows, iOS, Mac OS X and Android.

Its Link to Today’s Technology

Wearers can simply move their arms to start their cars; buy something; activate their computers or tablets; and even unlock hotel room doors. As long as each device is registered with the Nymi Heartbeat Wristband, it transmits the wearer’s heartbeat, signaling the device to operate, because he has been authenticated.

Bionym field-tested the wristband with over 1,000 people, proving that it is at least as comparable to fingerprint recognition.

How It Simplifies The Lives of Wearers

By using a wearer’s heartbeat, the wristband authenticates who he is. Rather than having to interact individually with each device he owns, he can allow his wristband to control and unlock each of his devices.

This means he doesn’t have to struggle to remember passwords for each of his email or bank accounts or social network accounts, especially if he is a member of several, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit or any others.

If his hands and arms are full, he doesn’t have to struggle to pull his car keys out of his pocket to unlock his car. Instead the Nymi Heartbeat Wristband wirelessly unlocks his car for him, allowing him to load his car with everything he was carrying.

Identity theft is high and going higher. Privacy is protected when the wearer doesn’t have to log into his smartphone or computer when he is in a public area. The wristband securely logs him in.

John Chupon is an author and recognized authority on wristbands, currently working for Wristbands City.

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