Places that Need Social Workers the Most

Places that Need Social Workers the MostSocial workers are psychologically minded people who work to improve lives by helping people deal with social, health, financial and societal issues. The National Association of Social Workers provides statistics that show social workers are widely used in a variety of settings from hospitals and hospice programs to schools, clinics and other professional companies where people work at on a regular basis.

Most social workers specialize in helping to create plans for assisting specific clients such as neglected or abused children, people with life-threatening illnesses or drug addicts and have a social work degree. Although their specialties may vary, social workers often are required to complete similar administrative tasks such as collecting medical and employment information and arrange for particular psychiatric or medical exams.

In general, social workers can educate their clients on particular psychological coping skills and publicly support their clients as advocates. They can help counsel people who need financial assistance and ensure that the protection and interests of the vulnerable and poor are upheld.  Social workers can point people to specific community resources.

There are a wide variety of places that need social workers.


Many hospitals utilize social workers who are skilled in medical and psychiatry to help with the rehabilitation of hospital patients. Social workers can help locate outside help for seriously or chronically ill patients who leave hospitals.  Many hospital social workers work to assist families and patients deal with substance abuse, mental health issues, and life threatening illness such as cancer or AIDS.

Child Welfare

Child welfare social workers work to make sure children from low-income and at-risk families receive enough food and fundamental benefits. Sometimes they find a situation where there is child abuse and find a quality foster home for that child. Social workers can also determine eligibility for government assistance for a particular client.

Clinics and Public Agencies

Social workers who work in clinics and public agencies provide counseling and lead support groups and sessions for people who are experiencing drug addiction, depression, and/or constant crisis. Many clinical social workers provide help and services to senior citizens and their families, helping them find resources and services to assist them in doing the daily errands they can no longer do themselves.

Social workers in schools

Social workers in schools can work to help identify why a particular student(s) are absent or behaving in a manner that is self-damaging. Many social workers in schools work with teens who are pregnant, conferring with both the teen as well as parents, teachers, and school counselors. School social workers also help integrate children who are dealing with specific disabilities into conventional student classrooms.  Many school social workers help supervise assistants in human services to keep detailed records of treatment plans, test results, report preparations and records of conversations for the school as well as for other agencies including the courts.


Social workers in hospice programs are essential for helping patients and their families through the dying process. Hospice social workers work with a team of professionals including doctors, nurses and chaplains to provide a well-rounded support system for people who are dying and who want to die at home.

In summary, the field of social work is important in helping people understand human problems, helping to improve people’s quality of lives.

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