How Outsourcing Can Help Grow A Cash Strapped Business

How Outsourcing Can Help Grow A Cash Strapped BusinessDo you often wish that you could have yourself cloned? You know, delegate a chunk of your enormous workload to an entourage of efficient mini-me’s, so you can focus on what you do best–provide top-notch products and excellent service to your clients.

Unfortunately, cloning is not an option. There is, however, a viable way to put an end to your juggling act and shorten your list of “must do’s.” This miraculous solution is “outsourcing.”

In case you’re smacking yourself on the forehead right now, wondering why you didn’t think of that yourself, stop. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, consider the many aspects of your business that you can outsource to someone else–from your small business payroll to the design of your new website. The possibilities are endless.

1. Payroll

Payroll is a giant headache that you really should leave to someone else. Who needs the stress and worry associated with keeping up with ever-changing tax laws, calculating deductions for social security, and the myriad of other rules that issuing paychecks involves? Outsource this giant cause of IRS-related anxiety and you will likely sleep much better at night.

2. Writing

Nowadays, most companies operate a website of their very own–and many include a blog. If you spend far too much time staring at a blank screen, searching for the perfect words, and coming up blank, you may benefit from outsourcing your writing duties. Freelance writers can not only rescue you with great content for you blog, but they can also meet your other writing needs like penning speeches and presentations, devising pamphlets and flyers, press releases and annual reports. If it’s got words, they can do it.

3. Bookkeeping

When you try to wrap your head around numbers, does it feel like it’s going to explode? If so, you should consider outsourcing your bookkeeping duties. Forget having to teach yourself the ins and outs of basic accounting. Leaving it to a pro will help enable you to stay on top of your company’s finances, help avoid costly accounting errors, and save you time and money at tax time. Plus, outsourcing is cheaper than adding a bookkeeper to your staff.

4. Web Design

For most small businesses, it doesn’t make fiscal sense to hire an in-house web designer. Once the site is up and running, there will be periods when there’s not a lot to do at all. And adding it to the duties of another employee who “knows a little bit about computers” is not a wise option. By outsourcing this duty, you will save yourself a bundle in wages and still have a consummate professional to design and maintain your .com.

5. Social Media Marketing

Sure, social media is fun. Who doesn’t love tweeting and pinning? Social Media Marketing, however, needs someone who can dedicate their working hours to harnessing the power of these platforms to market you company and its products–and as CEO, you simply don’t have the time. Thankfully, there are an array of social media marketing agencies that would be thrilled to meet your social media marketing needs. And scratch another thing off your seemingly endless list of things to do.

Take a serious look at the multitude of tasks that monopolize your day. There are likely a few that can be entrusted to outsourcing–a much easier option that babysitting an army of clones.

What duties does your company entrust to outsourcing? How has this decision benefited your company?

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