Often Neglected Travel Essentials For Solo Backpacker

Often Neglected Travel Essentials For Solo BackpackerGoing on a trip alone is quite different from travelling with a group. If you are all alone, you have nobody to rely on and no one to borrow if you forgot to bring something. Obviously, group traveling is beneficial to everyone on the group. However, it does not mean that traveling on your own is boring and less enjoyable.

Careful planning is vital for solo backpacker. One common reason as to why a trip usually turns into a disaster is neglecting to pack some travel essentials. Sometimes, excitement might overwhelm us much which often results into forgetting to bring these things.

  • Universal Plug-in Adapter

Know that electric socket varies from one place to another place. In most countries in Europe, they use plug sockets that are compatible with two or three circular pins. Meanwhile, flat pin sockets are widely employed in North America and Asia. Just imagine if your gadget got low-bat and you do not have an adapter. What will you do? Thus, it is important to bring a universal adapter for all your gadgets. With a global adapter, you can still use your portable devices with foreign sockets.

  • Map

If you are very familiar with the different streets and landmarks in your destination, carrying a map might not be that essential. But if it is your first-time visiting a place, you must have a map with you all the time. Yes you can ask for directions. However, you should keep in mind that some regions do not use English as first language. In short, language barrier might arise.

An interactive map is highly advisable as it can give you accurate information such as street names, business enterprises, MRT/bus stations, etc. There are applications that allow you to download a specific map of a place into your smartphone. A paper map can be used as backup.

  • Compact First Aid Kit

Who needs a first aid kit in travelling? Well, we can never tell what might happen during the trip. A compact first aid kit may include rolled gauze, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, band-aids and basic medicine for headache and stomach ache. This kit can be very useful for minor emergency like small cuts. Being compact means it will not occupy big space in your backpack.

  • Resealable Plastic Bags

Allot a small space inside your backpack for some resealable bags. Why you need to bring these plastic bags? If you are going on a beach getaway, these bags can hold your wet clothes until you reach your hotel where you can dry them. Or you can use these bags to store your dirty clothes. For sanitary reason, it is advisable to avoid mixing your clean and dirty clothes. In other words, these resealable bags can secure the items in your backpack.

These are just additions to the many travel essentials that you need to keep in mind when you go alone. Of course, you must never forget all the documents like flight confirmation, passport (overseas trip) and travel insurance info. Be sure to get a hotel confirmation too. For instance, if you have booked a room in Palms Casino Resort, you must print out the confirmation they sent for immigration purpose. If you are all set, solo traveling is as fun as traveling in a group.

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