Now Is The Best Time To Be Driving a Truck

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I’m a woman, and I drive a truck. Trucks, whether they be full-blown semi-trailer Freightliners to even the more common pick-up, were traditionally driven by men (and particularly macho women). Somehow, having a big, bulky, and powerful automobile lent credence to their imagined masculinity (also applicable with big-engined muscle cars), and it was somehow deemed “improper” for the fairer sex.

Fortunately, those days are looong gone. Nothing is really preventing a red-blooded American woman from owning and driving her own truck (you still have to get your license from the DMV, like every other man), but I’d like to present a case towards going for one of these hulking vehicles over some dainty subcompact or station wagon. Ready?

Intimidation Factor

Make use of the still-alive stereotype that vehicles like these are driven by men; be sure to use a heavy tint on the windows and windshield, too. The more people think the person inside the vehicle is a person they wouldn’t like to mess with, the better. This will definitely do the trick in warding off unwanted attention (pigs still exist, ladies). Nature uses deceptive tactics to discourage potential threats away, so why shouldn’t you?

They’re Not Your Grandpa’s Trucks

Older trucks have been known to be unwieldy, sluggish, heavy, and generally harder to drive. Fortunately, it’s already 2013, and trucks are equipped with things such as power steering, backing sensors, and other convenience features that will certainly make it a pleasure to drive, no matter how petite you are (I still suggest you lift, though).

They’re also way more fuel efficient, so the modern trucks are not going to hurt your wallet. There are hybrid pickups out there, so for those who really insist on relying less on petroleum, the option exists.

All That Cargo Capacity

You won’t regret that pickup trucks have a wealth of cargo space at the back; just make sure you buy it a canopy or a similar covering device so your latest shopping haul doesn’t get rained on or sunbaked.

The extra carrying capacity will also come in handy if and when you plan to move, or take a long road trip and need to pack a lot of supplies.

Bad Weather and Conditions

With big wheels and powerful engine, trucks aren’t going to give up on you when faced with difficult terrain or weather conditions, and this is a big plus since the world we live in right now seems to be a lot more temperamental.

Floods, earthquakes, and whatever else you can throw in front of a truck will most likely not stop it from rolling (ideally). It pays to be extra-prepared for situations like these, and if you’re the generous type, a truck would be the ideal vehicle for rescue and relief missions, too!

Not Prohibitively Expensive

You won’t go bankrupt in buying a truck (unless you go for a Hummer or something). There is always the option of going for a pre-owned unit, and there are many places to look for good-condition trucks that still have a lot of miles left on them. The Internet makes it so easy; visit sites like NextTruck and browse. Keep on trucking, everybody!

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