Non-Techy Things Your Little Daughter Must Try Owning

In a world practically run by modern technology, it has become so easy to identify the difference between one generation’s childhood to another. For people who grew up in the 90s for instance, childhood was a mix of early game consoles and outdoor fun. Saving Super Mario’s princess and then going out to climb your neighbor’s tree were such great moments. I have a lot of friends who worry about how their little daughters are spending so much time with an iPad instead of going out to play.

If you have the same dilemma, here are some items that you can get her so she can really make the most of her childhood.

Non-Techy Things Your Little Daughter Must Try Owning



It’s probably safe to say that, next to a pony (or a unicorn perhaps), a dollhouse is every little girl’s dream toy. What, with the tiny furniture and the cute wallpaper, who wouldn’t love it? This one is not only just charming though; it’s one of the toys that allow a child to be imaginative. While adults see nothing but a little girl trying to fit a mismatch rag doll into the small house, a colorful story of adventure is actually going on in a player’s mind that exact moment.


She probably had a lot of this when she was a baby and that must have helped her in learning her alphabet. As she grows to be a little school girl, make sure that she doesn’t lose her literary pastime. Sure, you can download fairy tales to her tablet. But don’t let her miss the excitement of literally flipping the pages and touching the glitters in the cover of a real book. A child with good reading habit will surely become more creative and innovative.


Have you seen those videos in Youtube with babies and puppies playing together? Aren’t those just adorable? This doesn’t mean you have to get your daughter a puppy just to post a similar video. This however will give you an idea of how pets and kids can get along very well. Dogs are known to be loyal companions, which means that your little girl will have a sure buddy while growing up. Assign her to do the feeding and trick training. Getting her a puppy will certainly teach her how to be more responsible too.


You had one before, didn’t you? Though most of us may not be very open about it, it’s true that a lot of girls grew up keeping a diary. A diary is a great way to express one’s self and really excellent in developing one’s writing skill. Encourage your daughter to keep a diary so she can document and never forget the fun things that happened throughout the day. Reading through the pages of her journal will also allow her to recount the lessons she has learned along the way.


Remember how you used to draw hearts or write your name using different pen colors? I do! Don’t let you daughter miss this simple kind of happiness! Get her a collection of pens that she can use for her diary or scrapbook (if she’s keeping one too). You can also order a customized pen for her to make it more special. Brands like National Pen offer personalized pen products; pick one that will surely fit your daughter’s personality. These kind of school supplies will encourage her to be less dependent on technology and tap the deep thinker within. Any item useful for arts and crafts will also be great in enhancing her creative skills.

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