Keeping True Love’s Spark Endlessly Burning

Keeping True Love’s Spark Endlessly Burning

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What better way to growing old together is to start making wonderful memories when we are still young…

For me, there are more than a thousand and one reasons to be in love. And there are more than a million ways to express and share love to and with someone. I know a lot of couples who go on a candle dinner, a river cruise and a country tour on their anniversaries.

And I think those are only few of the great and romantic ways to celebrate a couple’s love and sacred lifetime commitment. In this article,

I would like to share my own concept of love and how to keep it until eternity through simple ways.

Love Not One, But Two. True love is not unilateral. When you found it, you will love not just one person but two—the good and the worst. If you would love only the good side of him, you will only savor the sweetness of his heart. But to embrace the worst of him means you see the loveliness of his soul. Loving completely is not only about seeing one’s flaws, but learning how to nurture those imperfections and make them grow to become lovable attributes.

Rest And Rise Together. Isn’t it sweet facing each other on the bed, staring at each other’s eyes, half-hugging each other, and talking about what happened to your day? How beautiful it is to close your eyes with the last thing you see was his face. And when sunrise wakes you up, that same handsome face will greet you with joy and inspiration. Then you will make a wish and a prayer that when you grow old, you would want to see the same beautiful face, though wrinkled, each time you wake up. Sleeping and rising together is a concrete way to describe growing old together.

Discover Love’s Puzzle. Make it a never-ending quest to discover something new from each other every day. Tell him how he surprised you with that something you just learned from him. Marriage is an endless journey and search for bigger surprises. What you learn from each other every day is only a piece to help you complete and unravel the beautiful picture puzzle in your sunset years. Just think of the moment when you have to see something fresh from your husband, doesn’t it excite you?

Play Childish Games. Become children once in a while and relive youthful memories. Playing childish games will help you recollect those incredible times and might want to try it once again. Love is always a thrilling game and a relationship desires for fun, adventure and surprise. Having fun together strengthens your bond. Play the chasing game under the rain or in the beach, tease each other, pinch each other’s cheeks, tickle each other’s armpit or sole, play video games, and have plenty of time laughing together.

Grow With Technology. Indulge in the hi-tech gadget craze and be in with the recent trends in technology. Why don’t you shop together? Look for the latest phone, buy an iPad, iPad keyboard, iPad keyboard case, and other gadgets you could explore together when you are on bed or on the couch. Then, create your Facebook or Twitter account together. Download apps that will allow you to connect to each other even when you are both working, and join with your common friends online. Use these gadgets to teach other something about technology and to bond more intimately.

Travel Together. Traveling together is definitely enriching. It makes for good and unforgettable memories you will both reminisce from time to time. Visit a place where you haven’t seen yet. Go to Paris and fall in love again with each other. Embark on a cruising expedition and take a moment kissing by the sunset. Intimacy means having time alone together. Traveling will help you continue to forge a deeper, stronger and better relationship.

Keep The Romantic Fire Burning. Experiment. Try something new. Be daring each day and each night. Never settle for the usual. Turn your lovemaking into an inviting game where you can play beyond what you think your limits are. There is so much to explore when it comes to this department. Add a new thrill, learn something new and surprise each other.

Preserve Beautiful Memories. Relish every moment you spend with each other. Why don’t you make a journal and document every event in your lives together. Always celebrate love. Don’t fail to kiss. Don’t fail to touch. And don’t fail to hug. Don’t fail to say “I love you” every day. Love will undoubtedly take a secure hold when a couple has valuable things to protect, cherish and live for.

When we found true love, we can do great things. Some of them are unbelievably stupid that we will regret later, but most of them will always remind us of how love blossoms from a simple beginning. There are things we may be sorry for, but we don’t care because we know there is nothing we can’t get over as long as we have each other. And when we found the right one, we will never try learning to let go.

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