The Importance of Sending Thank You Cards

The Importance of Sending Thank You CardsSending out thank you cards after your wedding or other special event is an essential part of good etiquette. Failing to mail your thank you notes can offend your gift giver and lead to hurt feelings and strained relations. By using a thank you card service, you can be assured that every one of your attendees and gift givers receives the thank you they deserve.

Personalize Your Thank You

At some point, most of use have probably received a thank you card that was generic. We knew that the person likely sent the exact card to everyone else on their list. With a personalized thank you note service, you can send a note that looks like you penned it exactly for your recipient.

Personalized Thank You Cards are a Welcome Touch

In the age of technology, many people miss the personal touch that comes with receiving a card in the mail. While many people depend on sending text messages, instant messages and social media site updates to thank their friends, it is still a welcome surprise to open the mailbox and see a personalized card, addressed to you alone.

It is thought that handwritten notes are a lost art form. In traditional times, sitting down to pen a note was one of the most sincere forms of gratitude. It was considered poor etiquette to fail to write thank you notes, and many relationships were damaged over this issue. Despite the move toward technology, a handwritten note is still considered a gesture of appreciation.

Thank You Card Services Save Time

While you may want to personally sit down and write a note to every person who attended your wedding or baby shower, sent a gift or mailed a card, the task can be time consuming. Writing 100 thank you notes and addressing 100 envelopes could take weeks between the rush of the honeymoon and settling in to your new life.

With thank you card services, you create a personalized link to the service and send it to your guests. They then enter their correct addresses so you can be sure that you get all of your thank you cards out on time. The service will then handle the note writing while you focus on your busy schedule.

In a world obsessed with quick fixes, short cuts and lightning fast communication, letter and note writing has become an art form. There is nothing that compares to receiving a personal thank you note in the mail. It lets the recipient know that their gift, attendance or gesture of kindness was well appreciated. Handwritten notes stand out and are more memorable than a thank you text or Facebook posting that is blasted to 400 other people. Sending a card shows that you care and will help to strengthen your relationship for years to come.

Getting started with a thank you card service is easy. With an easy to use interface and simple set up, Postable can handle all of your thank you card needs. Sign up and start sending today.

This article was written by Janette Limperopolous.

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  1. susan borst says:

    I think that thank you card services defeat the purpose – might as well just send a generic thanks. My POV.