Why Your Business Needs Video

Why Your Business Needs VideoBusinesses are finally starting to come around and understand the benefits video can have on their message. Explainer videos are one of the more popular types of business videos because they’re so inexpensive and effective when it comes to promoting business growth.

If you’re trying to think of new ways to better your conversion rates, increase sales and develop new marketing tools, consider adding an explainer video or two for your business.

Fully Explaining the Purpose of Your Product

A sentence can be read several different ways, but with a video your viewers don’t have to guess at the meaning behind your words because they can literally see what you mean. Your audience immediately knows how the process works and can actually see the process in action by watching the video. Platforms that offer enterprise video solutions like Kzinnovations.com allow businesses to connect with their clients and customers more efficiently by fully and adequately explaining the purpose and message of their brand.

Generating Interest

We live in a technology driven age where visuals are more effective and powerful than ever, which means that people are naturally more responsive to videos and social signals. By effectively utilizing video and images, you’ll be able to hook your audience and get them interested in your services and products. A published study revealed that more than 70% of web users watch online videos, and more than half of the population will view videos this year.

Better Search Engine Rankings

As far as statistics are concerned, having a boring and stagnant website won’t do you any favors. No one is interested in checking out a website packed with nothing but chunks of text and sprinkled with a few images. Websites that follow this format will more than likely rank rather low on search engines. If that website is a business website, then chances are strong that viewers will take one glance at the site before hitting the back arrow. You’ve got to capture a person’s attention within the first minute of them coming to your website and keep them interested, and one of the best ways to do that is with business videos.

Help Visitor Retain Information

Another advantage of explainer videos is that your viewers are more likely to retain the information. Studies have shown that people only remember ten percent of what they hear, but 50% of the images that they see. People love watching and sharing videos, which is a great free advertisement tool for you and your business. While you can have one of the highest quality explainer videos for your business, there’s still nothing as effective as word-of-mouth. Viewers can build up excitement for your services and products in a way that you can’t, and they go on to share that excitement with their friends and family.

Start looking for reputable and affordable platforms that offer video hosting for business if you’re looking for ways to increase traffic to your website and increase your rankings in search engine results.

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