5 Best Video Ideas

5 Best Video IdeasVideo cameras seem to be everywhere these days. In fact, there’s a good chance that you have one attached to your phone and sitting in your pocket or purse at this very second. That’s good news, because a video camera can be a great way to bring your family together—beyond simply using it to record birthday celebrations and sporting events.

Instead, turn your camera into the toy that you know it is, and get the whole family together for one of these fun-filled activities.

1. Interviews

Have mom or dad dress up like a newscaster, complete with microphone, and conduct an interview with each of the children. Ask questions about their likes and dislikes, what they’re working on in school, who their friends are, any recent adventures that they might have had, and any other topics that come to mind. Encourage your children to give long, involved responses and to get into the spirit of the interview. If they would rather, they can answer the interview questions “in character,” as one of their favorite fictional personalities.

2. Godzilla

There are many ways to go about creating your own Godzilla-style scenes. You can start with building blocks, cereal boxes, toy miniatures, sand castles, or anything else that can be used to create a tiny city or town. Next, bring your camera low to the ground, and establish a few shots from the eye level of someone who might live in that town. Then, let your children loose to wreak havoc through your idyllic urban paradise! Keep the camera low, to capture the true terror of 50-foot-tall gradeschoolers as they crush their way through downtown.

3. Magic act

There are a number of magic tricks that can be done much more easily with a video camera than in real life. Have your kids dress up like magicians, and using the sorcery of trick camera work, put on a show. By recording a scene, pressing the stop button, changing something in the scene, and then resuming recording, you can make it look as though something has been transformed into something else, or has disappeared entirely! Let you kids come up with their own magic tricks that use this principle, and let them entertain you for hours with their mind-boggling abilities.

4. Video hide and seek

Have one member of the family take the video camera (preferably one who is old enough to be trusted not to break it) and then have them close their eyes and count to 100. The rest of the members of the family get to hide. When the person with the camera is done counting, they turn on the camera and start hunting. The difficult part is that they can only look through the camera’s viewfinder while searching for the other family members. Once everyone has had a turn, replay the footage and enjoy the game all over again.

5. Make a movie

This one is a bit more involved, and may take quite a bit more time, but your children are bound to love it. Sit down with the family and come up with an idea for a movie. Write out a script, assign roles, gather costumes and props, and get ready to make an independent film. Take your time, and shoot the scenes as best you can. Once you’re done, use some editing equipment (you don’t have to get the best video editing software; just use something with basic features) to put it all together as professionally as you can. You can even add music and credits to your masterpiece.

Once it’s all done, have the family come together for a movie night and enjoy your finished product with a bowl of popcorn. You can even give out fake academy awards to your children, letting them know that they’re the best actors you’ve ever worked with.

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