Are videos good for SEO?

Are videos good for SEO?Surveys suggest that a fair proportion of internet users are willing to spend over 2 minutes watching a video online. Because of this videos are one of the best ways to increase visibility and are being utilised more by the SEO world.

The world of SEO is worth millions yet is unpredictable and success for your adverts is by no means guaranteed. Creative techniques and different strategies have emerged over the past few years which have sparked interest for many advertisers. Video adverts are one of these.

Early reports showed astonishing results, with a 2009 study claiming that video SEO was 50 times more likely to drive a first page search result than standard techniques. Moving on to the present day, more companies have begun to catch on as search engines continue to place videos higher up on results pages.

Another benefit is that videos will cause inbound links straight to your website; these are favourable with search-engine ranking algorithms and will cause your ad to appear higher up. Well-made videos that attract and maintain viewers will build these inbound links and thus create higher visibility for your site.

On search engines people are moire likely to engage with thumbnail links to videos than they will with plain text. These image links will stand out more on search engines such as Google and are thus more likely to attract clicks over anything else.

Naturally videos are more appealing to people rather than plain chunks of text. Less effort is required on their part to take it all in. Keeping viewers interested in the video for a decent amount of time is another matter however.

One way to maintain interest is to produce interactive videos where the user actually becomes involved with the ad. People are more likely to engage with the content and take in what is on offer this way. Multi-part videos have become popular these days with pop-culture brands, using options with how to continue the ‘story’ creating higher engagement and a viral effect. Also consider creating the option for users to like, leave comments and share the video with others.

Uploading videos to YouTube is another advantage of video SEO; the company is owned by Google who link favourably to the site. YouTube is actually considered the second largest search engine site behind its parent company so will boost your campaigns as well as giving the highest visibility you can hope for.

Despite the potential of video SEO, a poorly made ad combined with an ineffective campaign will reduce its benefits significantly. Think of how to instantly draw in the viewer, be it in a funny, shocking, educational or even annoying manner. With the option to email the video to friends or share it via social media it can soon spread quickly – at no extra cost for you either.

For advertisers in the North West looking to initiate their own SEO campaigns, hiring a professional company to plan, create and edit a video is the most efficient way to attract viewers and keep them hooked on your ad. Video production in Manchester is something to consider as the benefits can boost your marketing reach and sales figures significantly.

Simon Bowers is a digital marketer, writing about the industry and advising companies via various media outlets. He was worked within the industry since graduating in the career.

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  1. Andy Williams says:

    Video Marketing, even if not for SEO purposes is a must for those companies that can do it. It helps to increase Brand Awareness which in itself is reason enough. However as mentioned in this post, the SEO benefits are there to be had.

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