Top Ways People Meet Online

Top Ways People Meet OnlineRemember how dating worked prior to the invention of the Internet? If your answer is “no,” then either you’re pretty young, or you got lucky and married your childhood or high school sweetheart. However, if your answer is “yes,” then you know that the dating process went a little something like this: two people met in a public place, introductions and small talk ensued, and one of them proposes a more formal and romantic meeting in the future. Perhaps it was dinner or a movie, but regardless it was a date, and if these meetings continued and both parties were developing romantic feelings, they were “dating.”

Well, the first step in the process—the initial introduction—used to happen in person at places like bars, coffee shops, parks, or the always-awkward blind date setup. Essentially, any place where people congregate could double as a venue for singles to mingle with one another and potentially set up a date. Don’t get me wrong, this is still possible, and it does happen, just not as often. Public places are no longer the go-to option for singles to begin their journey into the world of dating. So where do they go to find love? Well, they go to the place where people go to find anything and everything in life—the Internet.

Dating Sites And Social Media

With the invention of the Internet came the invention of online dating sites, where people could create personal profiles and narrow down their search based on the specific qualities they were looking for in a mate. Dating sites acted as the middleman in relationship formation, and it lessened the burden of having to go and seek out dates. The reason these sites continue to be successful is because they basically do all the work for you, and they match you with people based on compatibility. By the time you go on an in-person date with someone you’ve met online, you already know that the you’re a good match, rather than going on a bunch of dates only to find out you have nothing in common.

Dating sites revolutionized the notion of relationships, and then social media came around and stole the thunder. On sites like Myspace and Facebook, people share so much information about themselves that their profiles are nearly the same as they would be for an online dating site. People use social media sites to seek out other singles in their area, learn more about their history, initiate a conversation, and hopefully form a connection that could lead to an in-person date.

It seems crazy to think that people could meet and eventually get married all thanks to something as trivial as social media, but the stats don’t lie. In fact, one in three recently married couples met online, and 55% of these couples met on social media sites. What’s even more intriguing is that couples who meet online are actually happier and less likely to get divorced than couples who meet the traditional way.

It’s safe to say that the Internet, and social media sites in particular, have completely changed the way people communicate. Whether it’s simple friendships, or deeper romantic relationships, people have realized that it’s much easier to find compatible partners by utilizing the various tools offered to us by the world wide web.

Brenda Williamson is a blogger from Portland, OR. She specializes in writing about online dating and social media sites.

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