Ten Facts You Might Didn’t Know About Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson is the well-known ‘vacuum king’ that founded an entire industry based on one simple ideal: he believes that things should just work and work well. Dyson was initially made famous for creating the first bagless vacuum and the quote, ‘I just think things should work properly.’

The bag-free idea for vacuums was an idea that caught on quickly, making Dyson a household name in vacuum cleaners. No longer just a vacuum cleaner inventor, the 66-year-old British inventor is now famous for several other models of bag-free vacuums, a hand dryer, and a new type of fan called an ‘Air Multiplier.’ Sir James Dyson even supports science and engineering education through the Sir James Dyson Foundation!

Here are ten more facts about the vacuum tycoon that you might not have guessed:

1. More than 5,000 tries

More than 5,000 tries

Dyson had attempted over 5,000 prototypes before he hit gold with the bag-free DC-07 in 2002. He treats each failure as a learning experience that got him where he is now.

2. He’s an avid runner

He's an avid runner

Sir James Dyson is an avid runner and often comes up with his best ideas while running. He has been running all of his life; his first real memory is of running around as a kid up and down sand dunes at Blakeney Point. He has encouraged this habit in his children and occasionally runs with them.]

3. He has his fashion style thanks to her daughter

He has his fashion style thanks to her daughter

His daughter and son-in-law help design his outfits. As a fashion designer, they often help create Sir James’ signature style. He prefers to dress nicely and play with fashion, often saying that he does not have to dress in a dull manner just because he makes vacuum cleaners. Good fashion and design is just who he is, and this is reflected in his innovative designs.

4. Created James Dyson Foundation

Created James Dyson Foundation

Sir James Dyson created the James Dyson Foundation to support education in design and engineering in 2002. They encourage students to study design and engineering principles, emphasizing how important it is to not be afraid of failure.

5. Knighted as Knight Bachelor

 Knighted as Knight Bachelor

He was knighted as a Knight Bachelor by the British Monarchy at the 2006/2007 New Year Honours.

6. A provost at Royal College of Art

A provost at Royal College of Art

He is currently a provost at the Royal College of Art in London. Prior to that, he received an honorary degree, a doctorate in engineering, from the University of Bath in 2000.

7. Supports unified Eurpoean currency

Supports unified Eurpoean currency

Sir James is a strong supporter of a single, unified European currency and chaired a board that was behind encouraging the United Kingdom to move over to the Euro.]

8. Won International Design Fair award in Japan

Won International Design Fair award in Japan

His first prototype that sold was called the G-Force. It sold for over 2000 GBP in a Japanese catalogue company. It won the 1991 International Design Fair award in Japan.

9. Was the chair of the Board of Trustees with Design Museum

Was the chair of the Board of Trustees with Design Museum

Dyson was the chair of the Board of Trustees with the Design Museum until resigning in 2004, fearing the museum had become far too style dependent.

10. Likes to sneak out!

Likes to sneak out!

Sir Dyson used to actually sneak out of his dormitories to go running at night. Such dedication!

When it comes to the Vacuum King, Sir James Dyson has quite a few hidden layers. From his fairly recent knighting by the British Monarchy to his hidden love of running, he is a walking example of tenacity and enthusiasm. His Dyson Foundation has helped many students become engineers and he even has an honorary doctorate in engineering. For someone who is often characterized as merely a designer of vacuums, Sir James Dyson has much more to him than you would guess by his love of simplicity.

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